6 Budget-Friendly OCR Condos Under 1 Million

6 Budget-Friendly OCR Condos Under 1 Million
6 Budget-Friendly OCR Condos Under 1 Million

For many of us – especially during such uncertain times – price is a key concern when it comes to buying a condo in Singapore. A key factor of a property’s price is location, so one way to sniff out affordable finds is by shopping for condos in the Outside Central Region (OCR). In the OCR, you can find budget-friendly units that are very value for money at under $1 million. 


6 Budget-Friendly OCR Condos Under $1 million 

For those who are on the hunt, here are six affordable OCR condos under $1 million for you to consider for your next home.


1. The Tampines Trilliant

1 ocr-condos-under-1-million

  • TOP: 2015
  • District: 18
  • Nearest MRT: Tampines MRT (East West Line, Downtown Line)
  • Distance to nearest MRT: 750m
  • Price: $930,000 to $2,388,000

The Tampines Trilliant is one of those OCR condos with units of great size but selling at affordable price of less than $1m. Located at Tampines Central 7, The Tampines Trilliant is right next to the Sun Plaza Park. 

From The Tampines Trilliant, you are only 750m away from Tampines interchange where you are served by three shopping malls (Tampines One, Tampines Mall and Century Square). Slightly further away, you have the Our Tampines Hub where you have access to the sports facilities, F&B and supermarket. 

At $930,000, The Tampines Trilliant lets you snap up a 3-bedroom unit in the OCR while still not living too far away from the MRT for some added convenience.

Find out more about The Tampines Trilliant on PropertyGuru.


2. Watercolours

2 ocr-condos-under-1-million

  • TOP: 2016
  • District: 18
  • Nearest MRT: Pasir Ris MRT (East West Line)
  • Distance to nearest MRT: 1.2km
  • Price: $750,000 to $1,420,000

Watercolours is a 99-year leasehold OCR EC that is located in D18 near Downtown East. It was completed just a couple of years ago in 2016 by HUGE Development Pte Ltd, a joint venture between Ho Lee Group, UE E&C Ltd, GPS Alliance Development & Investment Pte Ltd and EVIA Real Estate. 

It is located about 1.2km away from the nearest MRT and town centre at Pasir Ris Central. By public transport, you will only need to take a 10-minute bus ride and you will be spoilt with choices for sport activities (Pasir Ris Sports Complex), green spaces (Pasir Ris Town Park), shopping (White Sands) and food (Pasir Ris Central Hawker Centre).

The biggest draw of Watercolours is its selling price. The smallest unit of 2-bedroom (2 bathrooms) is selling from $750,000 onwards. For its bigger units, they range from $800,000 (3-bedroom) to $1,050,000 (4-bedroom). For just slightly over $1m, you can get a 4-bedroom EC, which is really price competitive in the current property market.

Find out more about Watercolours on PropertyGuru.


3. Parc Riviera

3 ocr-condos-under-1-million

  • TOP: 2020
  • District: 5
  • Nearest MRT: Clementi MRT (East West Line)
  • Distance to nearest MRT: 1.5km
  • Price: $688,000 to $1,990,000

Parc Riviera is an OCR condo that stands out among other condos for its price affordability. A 2-bedroom unit will cost just under $1 million, but if space is not a priority, you can get a 1-bedroom unit for as cheap as $700,000.  Parc Riveria is also in the highly popular Clementi, which is great for HDB upgraders in the west who want to continue living in this vibrant neighbourhood. 

Find out more about Parc Riviera on PropertyGuru.

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4. Urban Vista

4 ocr-condos-under-1-million

  • TOP: 2016
  • District: 16
  • Nearest MRT: Tanah Merah MRT (East West Line)
  • Distance to nearest MRT: 100m
  • Price: $630,000 to $3,000,000

When you think of the OCR, the word “ulu” comes to mind. But not every affordable OCR condo is situated in a deserted, far-flung location. 

Urban Vista is located right next to the Tanah Merah MRT, just 100m away. The MRT is on the East West Line and puts you within nine stops from the Central Business District (CBD). For $1m, you can purchase up to the size of a 2-bedroom (2 bathroom) unit at Urban Vista. 

With the upcoming development of the Thomson East Coast Line in the vicinity of Urban Vista and the mixed development beside Urban Vista, it will add more convenience and liveability to homebuyers who are planning to purchase a unit at Urban Vista.

Find out more about Urban Vista on PropertyGuru.


5. Canberra Residences

5 ocr-condos-under-1-million

  • TOP: 2015
  • District: 27
  • Nearest MRT: Canberra MRT (North South Line)
  • Distance to nearest MRT: 550m
  • Price: $640,000 to $1,690,000

Located in D27 along Canberra Drive, Canberra Residences is an OCR condo that is located away from the hustle and bustle of city living. 

Located in the serene district of Canberra, residents can enjoy a tranquil living environment. But that’s not to say Canberra Residences is inaccessible by any means. In fact, the nearest MRT (Canberra MRT) and retail hub (Canberra Plaza) is only 550m away! Those who want more options can venture out slightly further to Sembawang Shopping Centre. 

Price-wise, Canberra Residences is value for money given the size of the units at the condo. 1-bedroom units are starting from $650,000 while 3-bedroom units are selling from $860,000 onwards.

Find out more about Canberra Residences on PropertyGuru.


6. The Poiz Residences

6 ocr-condos-under-1-million

  • TOP: 2020
  • District: 13
  • Nearest MRT: Potong Pasir MRT (North East Line)
  • Distance to nearest MRT: 1.5km
  • Price: $700,000 to $2,100,000

The Poiz Residences is a 731-unit development located along Meyappa Chettiar Road at Potong Pasir in D13. It is a 99-year leasehold mixed-use development with 77 retail units and 7 restaurants at the ground floor of the condo. Its location right next to the Potong Pasir MRT makes it convenient for residents to travel to and from The Poiz Residences, either for a day out or for their daily work commute.

In terms of price, the Poiz Residences is one of the newly built OCR condos that does not come with a large price tag. For just $700,000, homebuyers can get a 1-bedroom apartment at The Poiz Residences. If you need a bigger unit for your family, the 2-bedroom units will set you back around $900,000. This is a real steal, especially for mixed-use development that offers dining, shopping and other amenities right downstairs! 

Find out more about The Poiz Residences on PropertyGuru.


How to Find More Condos and Private Properties Under $1 Million 

With that, you now have a shortlist of six affordable OCR condos that are priced below the $1 million mark. That said, this list of OCR condos isn’t exhaustive. There are plenty of other OCR condos which you can find on the market selling at less than $1m if only you knew where to look – on PropertyGuru, you can speed up your search by filtering it to condos under $1 million.   


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