When & Where to Focus Your Listings: December 2021

When & Where to Focus Your Listings: December 2021
When & Where to Focus Your Listings: December 2021

Hello again, Agent Partners! We’re due for our last edition for 2021 before we kick start the festive celebrations! 

Looking back on our previous article When and Where to Focus Your Listings in November, we saw that Sunday had the highest traffic and 10AM-5PM was the most popular time of the day for property seekers.  

So, what’s in store for December?  

Summary SG DEC

When to Focus Your Listings 

Interestingly, property search has gained significant increase on weekdays compared to weekends with Tuesdays as the clear winner with the highest traffic for property search in November.  

Thursdays and the weekends recorded mid-level volume of searches during the same period, while all the other days of the week saw relatively high search volumes. 

SG DEC Day of the week

Looking at the most active time of the day for property seekers, below graph shows that website traffic for November begins at 8AM, starts to peak at 9AM and remains consistent until 12AM. Don’t miss out on up to 8X more exposure with Turbo or schedule your listings on Auto-Repost so you don’t miss out on the high traffic!  

SG DEC Time of the week

Where to Focus Your Listings 

Commercial Listings  

When we look at commercial listings, D01-08 and D12-14 continue to be popular districts – reaping in the highest volume of listing views on PropertyGuru Singapore. 

SG DEC Commerial Listing

However, when we look at the market gapD19-20 has the largest, with D12-14 and D25-28 following very closely behind. 

SG DEC Commercisl listing 2

Residential Listings 

When we look at Residential Listings, D19-20 is always a hot contender in terms of popularity. What’s worthwhile to note is that D01-08 has been picking up interest lately too! 

SG DEC Residential listing 1

In terms of a market gapD22-24 takes the lead with D25-28 following closely behind. D17-18 and D1920 also seem to be experiencing a larger market gap this month. 

SG DEC Residential listing 0002

Let’s take a closer look at parts of Singapore through Market Insider on AgentNet.  

Given that the districts with the largest market gap – D22-24 and D25-28 have been featured in last month’s article, let’s take a look at the next 2 contenders with biggest market gap – D17-18 and D19-20

If we look at condos for sale in this part of Singapore, it looks like the median PSF is just below S$1,000 for the top project, The Minton. 


As for HDB towns in the same part of Singapore, we see a significantly lower median PSF with over 7X the volume of transactions, which is unsurprising given the lower entry price!  


Check out Market Insights, under AgentNet for our full suite of data tools to empower you with the most relevant and timely market data to angle your presentation and close your deal with your clients!   

Thank you for joining us for this edition, do stay tuned for the next one!  

Wishing you a safe and joyful holiday season! 

Being a better partner for you, 
PropertyGuru Team

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