Comment on Couple bought a 3-room Bukit Merah BTO flat for S$460k+, but lost S$20k+ after they broke up by David

In reply to Sebastian.

Are you saying the couple must be 100% certain of getting married before they should go and BTO? ie. guy proposed already, girl agree and the couple is officially engaged?

Cos you should know that the gap between applying and getting the flat BTO is 6-7 years. That’s why couples that are “not certain yet” still try to ballot for BTO. Most normal engagement periods last for 1-2 years at most. A 6-7 year engagement period is rare. If the government wishes couples to stop “speculative balloting” (ie ballot before they’re 100% sure of getting married), they need to be able to provide flat collection within 1-2 years at most.

In most other countries, there is no long wait for housing, because in most countries you buy someone else’s house (ie resale) so the house already exists.

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