Agent Success Story: Lynn Er

In the realm of luxury real estate, where elegance meets high finance, few professionals at work in Singapore today possess the finesse and expertise that Lynn Er brings to the table. With a remarkable career spanning more than a decade, Lynn has carved a niche for herself specialising in the most sought-after districts of Singapore, catering to a discerning clientele with an eye for the extraordinary.

Since entering the industry in 2010, Lynn has received numerous accolades, including ERA’s Asia Pacific Elite Award, many Top Resale Achiever awards, and consistent placement in second or third place among ERA’s Top 10 Achievers overall. Perhaps most notably, she was also honoured at the Singapore Real Estate Agents Excellence Awards 2020-2023 with the Salespersons Achievement Award (Diamond).

In this exclusive interview, Lynn opens up about her journey in the business, the intricacies of the luxury real estate market, and her keys to success.

Lynn’s foray into the luxury sector commenced with a fortuitous situation early in her career. “I began specialising in luxury homes in the prime districts due to serendipitous encounters,” Lynn reveals. “I managed to close a record deal for a rental condominium in Bukit Timah, a challenging ground-floor unit in an older block. This led to word-of-mouth referrals and opened doors to many other clients in the area. That ignited my passion for prime districts and the luxury market. I discovered my natural affinity for clients in this sector.”

When asked about the desires of wealthy homeowners, Lynn emphasises their quest for the markers of distinction. “Wealthy homeowners today have a discerning eye for the finest things in life,” Lynn asserts. “They seek luxury, sophistication, and beauty in developments. They’re attracted to stunning views, infinity pools, spa-like facilities, ample parking, things like wine storage and smart home features. Location plays a pivotal role; they look for prestigious neighbourhoods near top-notch schools, luxury shopping, and amenities.”

Insofar as design goes, Lynn says, “My affluent clients tend to gravitate to spacious and open floorplans that allow for seamless entertaining and hosting lavish gatherings. These buyers appreciate architectural styles that exude elegance and timeless charm.”

From a purely investment perspective, Lynn says her clients’ motivations are more pragmatic. “My clients seek good value,” Lynn explains. “They look for higher rental yields, potential for capital appreciation, and long-term growth. I specialise in identifying undervalued properties, helping clients seize opportunities like buying units at a significant discount.”

Lynn Er agent
Leading agent Lynn Er analyses the market to identify promising investments for her clients.

By way of explanation, Lynn says, “I have helped many clients identify and acquire luxury properties that are ‘fire sales’ or undervalued. For example, clients of mine bought a unit at Scotts Square, which the previous owners solid at more than a million-dollar loss, and now my clients are sitting on huge profit.”

The role of foreign buyers in the Singapore luxury real estate market is paramount. Lynn affirms, “International clients pay a very important role in Singapore. As a global financial hub, we attract high net worth clients from around the world. I have many foreign clients from different countries such as Indonesia, India, China, Thailand, Hong Kong, and all over Europe.”

For clients such as these, Lynn says, “It’s important that they use a trusted and experienced agent.” Being multilingual — Lynn speaks English, Mandarin, Bahasa, Cantonese, and Hokkien — helps break the communication barrier. “With many years of experience in dealing with international clients, I able to understand their needs, their traditions, their cultures and their preferences well, so that I can customise my strategy to help them to find the best properties.”

The recent changes to Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD) have reverberated through the industry and immediately affected the market. “The government has introduced recent ABSD increases with good intentions, to stabilise the market, because the price has gone up so much during the last three years especially,” Lynn remarks. “However, the cooling measures that have been implemented to increase the ABSD for foreigners from 30 to 60 percent came as quite a big shock to everyone.”

Lynn Er garden image 2
Lynn says for her ultra-affluent clientele, only the best will do. “Wealthy homeowners today have a discerning eye for the finest things in life,” she states.

Nevertheless, she explains, “In any situation there is always opportunity for someone, so this actually opens up a good opportunity for locals, who’ll experience less competition for prime properties, and it’s also a great opportunity for US citizens, for example, as they do not need to pay ABSD — it’s a good chance for Americans to enter the market.”

Sharing some of her more notable transactions, Lynn highlights the complexity of luxury property marketing. “Luxury properties require a targeted approach,” she explains. “I leverage my extensive network and in-depth knowledge of the area to influence buyers and benefit clients. It’s about customising strategies to showcase the unique value of each property.”

Lynn’s says for someone working in her sector, building and nurturing relationships with high net worth individuals is vital. “Through successful transactions and referrals, I’ve expanded my business and network,” she reveals. “Trust and a solid track record are crucial in this industry.”

High net worth clients value efficiency and speed, Lynn says. “Being attentive to their needs and providing accurate information is crucial. Attention to detail is essential to ensure a seamless experience for these busy individuals. By demonstrating expertise, reliability, and a commitment to their success, realtors can build long-lasting relationships with these clients.”

Staying abreast of market trends is pivotal for Lynn. “I read extensively and stay updated on the economy, analysing the market, wider conditions and trends,” she says. “My clients rely on my knowledge to make informed decisions. Being actively present in the market allows me to provide real-time, accurate information.”

Lynn Er agent success pic
Second-placed among ERA’s 2022 Top Achievers, Lynn says those hoping to emulate her success must be acutely conscious of time management and technological advances.

For aspiring young professionals, particularly women hoping to follow in her footsteps and forge a successful career in real estate, Lynn offers this advice: “You must always continue to learn, always update yourself with the latest skills and technology — like the analytical tools available from and ERA, for example. It is very important to be technology savvy.” She encourages a tenacious approach. “Persevere, work hard, never give up.”

As a working mum, Lynn says, “It’s important for mothers that want to get into real estate to excel at time management, so that you can work effectively and efficiently. You must prioritise your responsibilities and delegate tasks that are not crucial for you. You have to be there for your kids when they need you, but you also have to be there for your clients when they need you!”

Lynn’s broader notion of success revolves around seeking fulfilment and positive impact. “Success is about achieving goals and dreams,” she suggests. “To me, creating a positive impact by helping clients fulfil their objectives is the essence of success. The joy on their faces when they achieve their goals is something I find incredibly fulfilling.”

She explains, “That’s why I like to do this job, because I help my clients to fulfil their objectives in life. I’ve helped investors make a lot of money, and I’ve worked with families struggling with financial problems and have helped them to downgrade or cash out of property, solving their financial issues. That’s why I love this business — helping people.”

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