HDB flats with the best views: More than just a room with a view

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or in the case of this article, in the eye of the homeowner. Recently, we chanced upon a HDB flat that was sold for S$ 1.3 million and of course we applaud the accomplishment. However, we would like to bring you into a discussion about why (partly) it was sold: The view!

In the case of the above sale, it was the Boon Keng HDB flat and it has great views of the Kallang River, of which we don’t have to tell you that it is a beauty on its own. But, dear reader, do you really think that view is as important as, say, the square feet total of the property? Let’s find out.

Great views = great property?

hdb flats best views

As much as everyone should stop and smell the roses once in a while, how important is beauty when it concerns a home? Say, comparing to comfort and functionality. In this section of the article, we’d like to fence with your opinions regarding what makes a property valuable, be it their location, their amenities, or simple straight-up beauty.

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Though can be considered shallow, appearance matters to the individual. Given the choice, you and us both would choose a beautiful home compared to a rundown one (given that both are equally priced). So, does the view outside of a beautiful home play a part in its value?

The value of a view

A great view inside, and for the sake of this article outside, of a home could greatly offer emotional and psychological benefits such as relaxation, a connection with nature and even a sense of status. We’ll talk about the connection of nature bit later in the article. Take this study for instance. Yes, it talks mainly about being in nature, per se, but you can reap the benefits (regardless of how partially) of being in nature just by looking at nature (if you can’t step out onto a balcony). We are, deep down to our biological core, connected to nature and it is best that we retain at least some semblance of it, even if we’re living 30 floors above ground.

Apart from individual benefits, the value of a good view can also enhance property value by means of it being more sought out for than obstructed views in more crowded urban developments, say in a busy, skyscraper city. With the rise of more urban developments and the race to build taller and taller skyscrapers, unobstructed panoramas are even more sought after.

5 HDBs offering mesmerising views

Punggol Northshore Drive

hdb flats with best views

This waterfront HDB is a sought-after location for homebuyers and investors, largely due to its picturesque waterfront properties that offer stunning sea views. This area, being part of Singapore’s initiative towards sustainable living, boasts smart and eco-friendly features which were meticulously planned using data analytics and environmental simulations to ensure optimised design.

Telok Blangah Ridgeview

hdb flats with best views

Lauded for its serene ambiance, this HDB is complemented by captivating views of both greenery and the sea, offering a tranquil living environment to its residents. The location fosters a close connection to nature, providing a peace retreat amidst a bustling city. Due to how it was build up, the south-facing units get great sea views and north-facing ones overlook lush greenery.

Grove Spring @ Yishun

hdb flats with best views

It may be situated a bit away from Yishun Central, but it makes up for it by being an attractive locale especially for individuals who appreciate a tranquil setting in the northern part of Singapore. This HDB is built to stand out with unique facade designs that mimic groves of trees, utilising earthly colours inspired by forestry. It boasts an eco-friendly design blended in with modern living amenities within the picturesque Yishun estate, offering a modern yet environmentally harmonious living environment.

Kallang Trivista

hdb flats with best views

Located near the Kallang MRT station and built alongside the Kallang River, Kallang Trivista offers residents both convenient access to public transportation and scenic riverfront views. 45% of its units get to enjoy the views by the river, with higher ups getting views of Marina Bay. Moreover, it has lushly landscaped roof gardens and ground spaces, giving way for residences to enjoy green, tranquil areas within the urban setting.

Kebun Baru Edge

hdb flats with best views

This HDB enjoys a strategic location with good accessibility, having be situated near the Mayflower MRT station (10-minute walk). But one of the main selling points for this residence is its proximity to Bishan-Ang Mo-Kio Park, which offers a green oasis to its units. Additionally, the design of Kebun Baru Edge emphasises the natural connection between its residents and nature with a central precinct green, providing a space for residents to immerse themselves in a lush, green environment.

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Must the views be of nature?

So, if you’re here from the value of a view section earlier, we pose a question for you: must a great view be of nature? Since we cannot group different people with different niches and preference willy-nilly, we cannot expect everyone to be okay with a view of nature. Some might desire a view of nature (the sea, forests, rivers), while others might be more inclined towards a modern view of skylines. As they say, “different strokes for different folks”.

hdb flats best views

Whichever your inclination may be, we cannot defer from acknowledging that views for a home is an important factor for both the individual (peace-of-mind, emotional) and for the property itself (value, desirability).


Ultimately, a good view makes for a good home. Whether it be a view of sunsets across the horizon of an ocean or sharp points of the bleeding-edge-of-development of a bustlingly-busy skyline, you make your home yours. Besides, beauty is in the eye of the homeowner.

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