Prime mixed-use property and adjoining land on River Valley Road for sale

Image credit: Edmund Tie & Company

If you’re an investor looking for your next opportunity in the heart of Singapore, here’s your chance. A remarkable mixed-use property, Crystal Court, nestled along the prestigious River Valley Road, is now up for grabs. But that’s not all – an adjoining plot of private land comes bundled with it, adding to its allure.

In this article, we’ll get into the specifics of this enticing deal and explore the potential it holds for savvy investors like you.

Property details

Crystal Court, a five-storey marvel, stands proudly on a 1,554.2 square metre site. 

This freehold property, dating back to the 1980s, boasts a basement carpark, a ground-floor commercial unit, and 16 apartments ranging from 103 sqm to 245 sqm on the upper floors. 

With a total gross floor area of 5,407 sqm, the property whispers promises of versatile transformations.

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Prime Mixed-Use Property & Adjoining Land on River Valley Road For Sale
Image credit: Edmund Tie & Company

Adjoining land plot

As if Crystal Court weren’t enticing enough, an adjacent land plot stretching across 377 sqm, serving as a private service road with car parking lots, is also part of this enticing offer. 

Imagine the possibilities that come with this additional space, limited only by your imagination.

Price and specifications

Priced at S$115 million, this remarkable property and its adjoining land are available for a steal, equivalent to S$2,456 per square feet per plot ratio. 

It’s a golden opportunity to invest in a high-value asset in one of Singapore’s most coveted locations.

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Submission deadline

The deadline for submitting your tender bids for these properties is 20 November at 3 pm. Managed by the reputable Edmund Tie & Company, this sale promises to attract discerning investors like yourself.

Potential uses

The canvas is yours to paint. Imagine transforming this mixed-use property into luxurious serviced residences, trendy co-living spaces, upscale hotels, or serene postpartum care centres. 

The caveat, of course, lies in the approval from the relevant authorities, ensuring that your vision aligns with the regulations.

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Other uses of mixed-use properties

Other uses of mixed-use properties

Singapore, a city known for its innovative urban planning, has witnessed the rise of diverse mixed-use properties. 

These versatile spaces cater to the varied needs of residents and investors alike:

  • Residential spaces: Mixed-use developments offer an array of residential options, catering to different income groups. From affordable housing to high-end condominiums, these properties address the housing needs of a diverse populace.
  • Commercial ventures: Picture this – retail shops, restaurants, and offices seamlessly integrated into residential complexes. This fusion creates vibrant, convenient living environments where essential services are just a stone’s throw away.
    Artist's impression of TMW Maxwell
    Artist’s impression of TMW Maxwell
  • Leisure and entertainment: Parks, gyms, swimming pools – these developments redefine the concept of ‘living.’ By incorporating leisure and entertainment facilities, mixed-use properties enhance residents’ quality of life and foster a sense of community.
  • Flexible investment: Flexibility is the cornerstone of mixed-use properties. Owners can choose to inhabit the spaces, lease them for a steady income, or sell them for a substantial profit. Such flexibility ensures a dynamic real estate market, attracting both local and international investors.
  • Dynamic destinations: The fusion of different real estate classes within these developments creates dynamic, multifaceted destinations. Whether it’s work, life, or play, mixed-use properties offer integrated solutions, enriching the lives of those who reside within their bounds.
Artist's impression of SkyWaters Residences - mixed-use property
Artist’s impression of SkyWaters Residences

Let’s take a glance at some of Singapore’s most popular mixed-use developments:

Midtown Bay

Vibrant and convenient, this Bugis-based gem offers proximity to malls, restaurants, and entertainment options.

Le Quest

Affordable and comprehensive, Le Quest in Bukit Batok features amenities like childcare centres, supermarkets, and diverse dining options.


Peaceful and serene, Tedge in Telok Kurau balances tranquillity with accessibility to amenities, offering a tranquil living environment.

Artist's impression of the infinity lounge pool at Canninghill Piers - mixed-used property
Artists’s impression of the infinity lounge pool at Canninghill Piers

Avenue South Residence

A breathtaking view of the city and sea, proximity to the CBD, and numerous shopping and dining options define this Silat Avenue marvel.

Marina One Residences

Luxurious living in Marina Bay, coupled with high-end amenities and proximity to the Marina Bay Financial Centre, makes this residence highly desirable.

Canninghill Piers

A sought-after gem in Clarke Quay, featuring a shopping mall, a hotel, and various dining options, ensuring residents enjoy a bustling lifestyle.

Artist's impression of One Holland Village Residences - mixed-use properties
Artist’s impression of One Holland Village Residences

Dairy Farm Residences

Nestled in Bukit Timah, this development offers proximity to nature reserves and hiking trails, presenting a unique living experience.

One Holland Village Residences

Lively and vibrant, this Holland Village development boasts various retail and dining options, coupled with proximity to the Buona Vista MRT station.

TMW Maxwell

Scenic views, direct access to the Beauty World MRT station, and a prime location in Bukit Timah make TMW Maxwell an attractive choice.

SkyWaters Residences

Convenience reigns supreme in this mixed-use development, offering easy access to various facilities and services, enhancing residents’ quality of life. Keep an eye out for its launch sometime this year!

Artist's impression of Dairy Farm Residences - mixed-use property
Artist’s impression of Dairy Farm Residences

Wrapping up

In the realm of real estate, opportunities like this don’t knock twice.

The prime mixed-use property, Crystal Court, and its adjoining land on River Valley Road offer you a chance to shape the future of this space. Whether you envision luxurious residences, bustling commercial hubs, or serene retreats, these properties provide the canvas for your dreams.

As the submission deadline looms closer, consider the potential these spaces hold. Our country’s urban landscape is evolving, and with your investment, you can be part of this transformation.

Seize the opportunity, make your mark, and let these prime properties redefine the way Singapore lives, works, and plays.

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