Small condo site plan considerations that make a big difference

A new launch’s strategic location, proximity to renowned malls and convenient access to nearby healthcare are always a big win among homebuyers. While there’s no doubt that these factors contribute to a property’s appeal, we often see them “blinding” homebuyers to other considerations in the condo site plan. 

Considerations that will come back to bite you in the you-know-where down the road. 

So, let’s take a look at some of these hidden nuances that can impact your day-to-day life. 

Aspects to consider in a condo site plan

condo site plan considerations - vertical facilities

Closer doesn’t always mean better

One often-overlooked aspect in a condo site plan is how the proximity of vertical facilities to your chosen floor could disrupt your days (and peace). 

Think about it. While the idea of residing closer to enticing amenities like a sky garden, pool, or above-ground tennis court may initially seem appealing, it comes with an unfortunate trade-off – an uptick in both noise levels and foot traffic. 

Especially during weekends, your leisurely off days might feel less private, almost like you’re sharing them with a bunch of strangers. 

And if your place is just one floor above these hotspots, get ready for longer waits for the lift. Being close to the facilities might mean dealing with more people using the lift to get there. It’s an extra hassle that can mess with your daily routine.

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But make sure you’re not too far away either

What’s the point of going to the gym if the walk there alone is enough exercise? 

Make sure to look into the proximity of your stack to the amenities you intend to use on a daily, if not, weekly basis. They should be easily accessible without costing your peace and overall well-being. 

A clear understanding of these distances will help you gauge the convenience of reaching communal spaces or workout areas without unnecessary detours.

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Condo site plan considerations - too close to main roads and train tracks

Distance to main roads or train track

When you’re thinking about picking a stack in a condo site plan, keeping track of how close it is to main roads and train tracks is crucial. 

And no, it’s not just about being well-connected – there’s more to it.

Living next to these roads and tracks can bring in a lot of noise, from constant traffic to the rumble of trains passing by. Take that, double it and that’s what you’ll be hearing during peak hours. 

That chill, quiet vibe you want at home? It could take a hit. 

Another thing to consider if you’re close to a highway is the dust, mostly if your balcony faces the road. All this debris can end up messing with how clean your place feels as well as the state of the clothes you plan on drying out there. 

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condo site plan considerations - side gates

Side gates

This might not be the first thing on your mind when checking a condo site plan, but trust us, they matter. 

Limited or absent side gates can add an extra layer of inconvenience, mainly to residents with units deep inside the site. This would mean a longer walk or drive to the main entrance each time you need to get out. 

Yeah, that doesn’t sound too bad – but those extra minutes could mean all the difference when it’s pouring rain or you’re lugging heavy groceries. 

And here’s the security bonus – more gates mean more ways to keep an eye on who’s coming and going, keeping things safe.

condo site plan considerations - garbage chute

Location of garbage chutes

Where your place is in relation to garbage chutes matters more than you might think.

First up, there’s the noise. If your spot is close to one of these trash drop-offs, you might hear a bit more clatter, especially after dinner time when everyone decides to toss their garbage at the same time. 

And then there’s the smell. Living near a garbage chute means you’re more likely to catch a whiff of whatever’s getting tossed. Not exactly the aroma you want lingering around, right? But it’s also important to keep in mind that these chutes could clog up and leave a constant foul odour to linger around your home. 

Condo site plan considerations - special risks

Bonus: What else should you keep an eye out for? 

Special risks

Take your time exploring the “Special Risks” section of the condo offering plan. 

This section provides insights into unique elements that might raise concerns, such as parking spaces, storage units, or access to private amenities like gyms or pools. 

Think of this section as your cheat code to know what might affect your condo life. By diving into this part of the plan, you’re getting a heads-up on things that could make a difference in how you live there.

Condo declaration and by-laws

Make sure to examine the condominium declaration and by-laws. 

These are governing documents that provide insights into how the condo will operate in the future. 

Understanding these legal aspects is essential for anticipating the condo’s management and potential changes.

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Do you have any more tips to add to this list? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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