Hillock Green: A promising addition to Lentor Hills estate

Hillock Green, the latest residential venture in the vibrant Lentor Hills estate, has made a significant impact, selling an impressive 27% of its 474 units during its launch weekend. In this review, we delve into the project’s key features, market positioning, and the factors contributing to its promising initial success.

Interest and buyer profiles for Hillock Green
Image credit: Forsea Holdings, United Engineers Ltd (UEL), and Soilbuild Group Holdings.

Interest and buyer profiles for Hillock Green

Interest in Hillock Green has been substantial, with approximately 273 cheques collected prior to the launch, reflecting a robust demand for this development. The 131 units sold on the launch day demonstrate a conversion rate of 48%.

The diverse buyer profile includes upgraders, first-time homebuyers, and investors from various regions of Singapore. Many prospective buyers living within the Ang Mo Kio Planning Area and the northeast region have shown keen interest in Hillock Green.

As a significant number of HDB units in the north have recently reached their minimum occupation period (MOP), these upgraders are eyeing private homes in the same vicinity, indicating a trend of HDB upgraders within the district.

Hillock Green location review

Hillock Green location map

Accessibility and connectivity

Positioned strategically, Hillock Green stands out as one of the last plots in the Lentor Hills estate.

One of the key draws of Hillock Green is its strategic location near the Lentor MRT station (TE8) on the Thomson-East Line. This ensures not only convenient access to public transportation but also positions residents at the heart of a well-connected network.

As the upcoming North-South Corridor gears up for completion in 2027, Hillock Green is poised to experience a new level of connectivity. This corridor isn’t just about roads; it’s a comprehensive infrastructure project that will bring dedicated bus lanes, cycling trunk routes, and pedestrian paths, seamlessly integrating Hillock Green into the city’s pulse.

Hillock Green nearby schools
Image credit: Google Maps


For families considering Hillock Green as their home, the proximity to esteemed educational institutions adds another layer of appeal. Mayflower Primary School, Anderson Primary School, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ Primary School, Ang Mo Kio Secondary, Presbyterian High, and CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ Secondary are all within reach.

The convenience of having quality educational options nearby ensures that families can provide their children with an enriching learning environment without compromising on accessibility.

Seletar Aerospace Park - Hillock Green
Image credit: JTC

Seletar Aerospace Park proximity

An additional draw for potential residents is the close proximity (11-minute drive via Yio Chu Kang Rd) to the Seletar Aerospace Park. This factor may appeal to those seeking residential rental opportunities or owner-occupiers looking to live in close proximity to their workplace within the aerospace park.

Dining options Hillock Green

Food and market proximity

Food enthusiasts will find Hillock Green to be strategically located, offering a delectable array of culinary delights within easy reach. The surrounding area boasts various food centres and markets, such as the vibrant 628 Ang Mo Kio Market & Food Centre, the bustling Mayflower Market & Food Centre, and the charming Sembawang Hills Food Centre.

For those with a taste for the extraordinary, the renowned Springleaf Prata Place is just a swift MRT ride away from the Lentor MRT.

Hillock Green living and dining room artist impression
Artist impression of Hillock Green living/dining room

To understand the market dynamics, let’s explore the sales transaction trends in Hillock Green. 

Transaction Price Floor Land Area (sqm) Unit Price PSF Block
S$2,883,000 122.975 S$2,178 22
S$2,819,000 121.9812 S$2,147 22
S$2,734,000 121.9966 S$2,082 22
S$2,719,000 121.9717 S$2,071 22
S$2,704,000 122.0057 S$2,059 22
Table 1 indicates the top 5 highest transactions in Hillock Green so far (as of 23rd November 2023)
Transaction Price Floor Land Area (sqm) Unit Price PSF Block
S$1,085,000 47.9999 S$2,100 26
S$1,100,000 48.0006 S$2,129 26
S$1,112,000 48.0057 S$2,152 26
S$1,119,000 47.9956 S$2,166 26
S$1,126,000 48.0077 S$2,179 26
Table 2 indicates the 5 lowest transactions in Hillock Green since launch (as of 23rd November 2023)

Looking closer at the two blocks, Block 22 mostly has pricier transactions compared to Block 26. This can due to the fact that Block 22 has a higher number of premium 4 bedrooms, whereas Block 26 only has one premium stack. 

As such, the premium 4-bedroom properties in Block 22 seem to range from S$2,704,000 to S$2,883,000. Conversely, Block 26 transactions range from S$1,085,000 to S$1,126,000. For a clearer perspective, it’s worth noting that the average price for condos in District 23 is S$1,878,987.

Hence, it’s safe to say that Hillock Green offers a more diverse and affordable price range for prospective homeowners.

Implications for potential buyers

For potential buyers, this analysis serves as a guide to navigate the diverse offerings within Hillock Green. Those inclined towards spacious, premium 4-bedroom units might find Block 22 more aligned with their preferences, albeit at a higher price point.

Meanwhile, Block 26 opens doors to a broader spectrum of choices, making homeownership within Hillock Green a viable reality for a wider audience.

Lentor Hills estate

Comparison of Hillock Green and Lentor Hills estate properties

Hillock Green is part of a thriving property market in Lentor Central, with two prior projects, Lentor Hills Residences and Lentor Modern, enjoying successful launches.

Lentor Hills Residences, a 598-unit development launched in July, is currently 70.4% sold at an average price of S$2,084 PSF. On the other hand, Lentor Modern, a mixed-use development with 605 units, was launched in September 2022. The project has achieved an impressive 94.5% sales at an average price of S$2,101 PSF. Notably, Lentor Modern commands higher prices, with units ranging from S$2,152,000 to S$3,431,000.

Hillock Green, as the third launch in the Lentor vicinity within slightly over a year, signifies the area’s growth. Despite a moderating primary market, Hillock Green indicates market demand for well-positioned projects with positive attributes.

District 26 condo resale transactions over the years
Image credit: SRX

Resale condo sales transaction trend in District 26

To provide a comprehensive view, let’s compare Hillock Green transactions with the top 5 resale transactions in District 26:

Date Address Block Unit Size (sqft) Price (S$) Price PSF TOP
30/09/2022 Meadows @ Peirce 626 #05-16 2,584 3.36M 1,300.31 2012
03/09/2021 Meadows @ Peirce 630 #05-66 2,498 3.35M 1,341.07 2012
14/07/2021 Meadows @ Peirce 630 #04-66 2,572 3.2M 1,244.17 2012
09/05/2022 Meadows @ Peirce 628 #05-63 2,852 3.1M 1,086.96 2012
13/03/2020 The Calrose 517 #05-73 2,757 3.068M 1,112.8 2008

One key takeaway from these resale transactions is the commonality among them all properties are freehold 4-bedroom units. These features align with the preferences of many homebuyers, contributing to the properties’ desirability and potential all-time-high ATH status.

Looking at the transacted volume for resale condos we can see that has fluctuated over the years, ranging from a high of 214 transactions in 2010 to a low of 42 transactions in 2014. Despite some variations, there has been a general trend of decrease in transaction volume over the years, with 2023 showing 55 transactions.

The dip in transaction volume since 2010 may be influenced by the multiple cooling measures (Seller’s Stamp Duty, Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty) introduced in previous years.

In terms of the average price per square foot (PSF) for resale condos, there has been a consistent upward trend from 2010 to 2023. In 2010, the average PSF was S$705, and it has steadily increased to S$1,282.00 in 2023. This indicates a progressive rise in the average price per square foot for resale condos over the years.

Hillock Green value appreciation analysis

Delving into the prospect of value appreciation, Hillock Green presents an enticing investment opportunity, propelled by several imminent developments in District 26:

Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL)  Hillock Green
Image credit: LTA

Thomson-East Coast Line

The ongoing construction of the Thomson-East Coast Line heralds a significant leap in connectivity for District 26.

As this new MRT line takes shape, residents of Hillock Green can anticipate enhanced accessibility to the city centre and Orchard. The seamless integration of the Thomson-East Coast Line promises to elevate the attractiveness of the entire district, fostering a vibrant and well-connected community.

North-South Corridor (NSC)

The completion of the North-South Corridor (NSC) is poised to be a game-changer for the district.

This major infrastructure project is designed to streamline travel times to the city centre, offering not only quicker routes but also bolstering overall accessibility. With dedicated bus lanes, cycling trunk routes, and pedestrian paths, the NSC will further contribute to the area’s appeal, making it an even more desirable location for residents and investors alike.

In light of these promising factors, Hillock Green emerges as a compelling choice for potential property investors in Singapore. The combination of strategic location, anticipated infrastructural upgrades, and the growing demand for well-positioned developments positions Hillock Green as a noteworthy contender in the landscape of real estate investment opportunities.


Hillock Green emerges as a promising addition to the Lentor Hills estate, showcasing a commendable take-up rate in a competitive market. With its strategic location, accessibility, and proximity to key amenities, the project is poised to become a sought-after residential destination.

As the property market evolves, Hillock Green sets a positive tone for new developments in the Lentor area, offering a blend of convenience, connectivity, and lifestyle.

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