Shirley Wang & Pamela Tan: The Wonder Home Story

In the dynamic world of real estate, forming strong client relationships is paramount to success. This premise has been well-understood and implemented by two stalwarts in the Singapore real estate industry – Shirley Wang and Pamela Tan – who identified a gap in the process of buying and selling properties that they were eager to fill. These two seasoned professionals have been carving a niche for their brand, Wonder Home, a one-stop real estate solution for homeowners and investors powered by their combined experience and a shared passion for real estate.

Their unique approach towards their clients, underscored by directness, customer care and honesty, coupled with a combined 32 years of property marketing experience, has set them apart in the competitive industry.

Through Wonder Home, the aim to fulfil their mission of making property transaction processes as seamless as possible, enabling clients to focus on their long-term goals, while they take care of everything else.

“It is not about selling, it’s what’s next that matters”, says the duo.

About Shirley Wang and Pamela Tan

Despite being very different individual and serving different clientele, they found themselves drawn towards a common goal – to streamline the real estate processes and offer a platform that caters to the needs of all types of homeowners and investors.

Shirley, often regarded as a mother figure to her clients, is known for her meticulous approach and her ability to cover every minute detail while dealing with properties. On the other hand, Pam, known for her incisive approach, is adept at steering conversations in the right direction, ensuring their clients’ needs are accurately discovered and comprehended.

Shirley holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business (Property) and diploma in Building Property Management. As for Pam, diploma in Building Real Estate Management. Their academic background in real estate has further solidified their expertise in the field.

The Genesis of Wonder Home

Though both of them started out as colleagues in a different company and came to a realization after several informal meetings and get-togethers that they had complementary skills and a shared vision. Despite their differences, their mutual respect and trust for each other formed the foundation of their dynamic partnership.

” Trust in each other walk us this far ” Pamela explains.

With faith and believe, Wonder Home was born. They wanted to build a platform that offered a seamless experience to homeowners, right from buying to selling properties, coupled with their unique brand of approach towards client relationships. They believe in authenticity and sincerity – they are not salespeople but listeners, who genuinely care about their clients’ needs and aspirations. They believe in building real friendships with their clients, fostering a sense of trust and mutual respect.

The Evolution of Wonder Home

At first, both of them decided to start with an unconventional approach. Instead of showcasing their faces and personal brand upfront, they chose to present Wonder Home through a cartoon logo. Their initial focus was on building a strong brand identity that resonated with their target audience.

Over time, Shirley and Pam realized the importance of personal branding in the real estate industry. They decided to step into the limelight, presenting themselves as the faces behind Wonder Home. They started leveraging social media platforms and launched a blog on their website, creating valuable content to educate their audience about the latest trends in the real estate industry.

Their blog articles are comprehensive, covering a wide range of topics from market trends to government regulations. These articles reflect their in-depth knowledge of the industry and their commitment to empowering their clients with the right information. Their authenticity and dedication to their work shine through these physical and digital interactions with their clients, making them trusted and reliable advisors in the industry.

Building Client Relationships

The core of Shirley and Pam’s business philosophy is building strong client relationships. They believe in treating their clients as friends, focusing on understanding their needs and financial aspirations. They emphasize on extensive consultation sessions, dedicating 70% of their time to consultation, listening to their clients, and understanding their financial aspirations, and only 30% on property viewings.

To them, it isn’t just about property transactions; it’s about understanding what is suitable for their clients and offering them the best advice. They’re known for their directness, honesty, and strong understanding of their client’s needs – qualities that have set them apart in the industry.

They also regularly meet with their clients socially to build trust and strengthen bonds. They view these interactions as opportunities to catch up and understand their clients’ evolving needs better.

This approach has led them to many new referral clients, speaking volumes about the faith and confidence their existing clients have in them.

Their Unique Direct Approach

They believe in telling their clients things as they are. Their directness and honesty have been appreciated by their clients with many describing their services as “very direct” and appreciate that they “really think for them”. This transparency has helped them build trust with their clients.

Shirley and Pam’s directness is a double-edged sword though; it attracts clients who appreciate honesty and straightforwardness but can also be off-putting for some. However, they believe that being upfront with clients is the key to building long-lasting relationships based on mutual respect.

“We don’t overpromise, but if we do promise, we make sure we deliver,” Shirley adds.


Shirley Wang and Pamela Tan through Wonder Home, have redefined client relationships in the real estate industry. Through their approach of understanding, directness, and honesty, they have redefined the concept of client relationships in the industry, proving that success is not just about sales but about building relationships and helping clients achieve their goals.

Growing with our clients and supporting their next generation is something very meaningful to us. Pam

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