How to seamlessly transfer your utilities in Singapore?

Congratulations on your new home! Whether you’re moving to a new house or stepping into the shoes of a landlord, the process of transferring utilities in Singapore doesn’t have to be a daunting task. 

In fact, it can be as smooth as settling into your cosy living room. Let’s dive into the seamless journey of utility transfer, ensuring your transition is hassle-free and your new space is ready to welcome you.

Getting started with your utility transfer

Moving into a new home is undoubtedly an exciting venture, and part of the thrill involves ensuring your utilities are in order. To kickstart the process, you’ll need to navigate through the transfer of your utilities account. Begin by terminating the existing contract associated with your old residence. Remember, each account is linked to a specific property, so closing the current account is a necessary step.

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The relocation dance

When transferring utilities, it’s crucial to consider potential fees that may tag along. Relocation fees and early termination charges might be in the mix, so it’s wise to touch base with your utility retailer to get a clear picture of the financial landscape. Don’t forget to inquire about any unused U-Save rebates; though forfeited during a move, a well-crafted letter to SP Services might just bring them along to your new address.

Now comes the crossroads: do you stick with SP Services, a familiar face, or venture into the Open Electricity Market (OEM) to explore the realm of preferred electricity providers? The choice is yours, and this transition is your canvas!

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Landlords and tenants unite

For landlords navigating the terrain of transferring utilities to tenants, the Change of Ownership/Tenancy Utilities Account Transfer Form is your guiding star. Picture it as the bridge connecting the old and new account holders. The process involves both parties agreeing on metre readings, a critical step in finalising the transition seamlessly. 

Here’s a pro tip: consider whether it’s simpler for the landlord to gracefully close the account, paving the way for the tenant to open a fresh one. Smooth transitions, after all, make for content tenants.

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Closing with SP Services

If you find yourself in the SP Services realm, bidding farewell to your utility account is a breeze.

Engage with the SP Services App, fill out the online termination form, dial up their customer service hotline at 1800-2222 333, or make a personal visit to their customer service centre at the HDB Hub.

As your account takes its final bow, be prepared for the utilisation of your security deposit to offset any lingering charges. Fear not, the remaining balance will soon find its way back to you, either through your GIRO account or a check delivered via mail.

Navigating the Open Electricity Market

For those engaged with electricity providers in the OEM (iSwitch, Sembcorp, Tuas Power, PacificLight Energy, etc.), your journey involves notifying them of your relocation. Share the essential details – account holder’s name, IC/FIN number, account specifics, new address, date of termination, and perhaps a tenancy agreement if you’re renting. 

Ensure you inform your provider well in advance, minimising the risk of any power hiccups during the shift. Remember, depending on your chosen retailer, a small closure fee might make its appearance.

As you embark on this adventure, allocate some buffer time, especially if you’re switching from one electricity retailer to another within the OEM. Patience is key, and with a potential 90-day transition period, you’ll find yourself comfortably settled into your new utility landscape.

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