What you need to know about Kembangan MRT area’s redevelopment

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The Kembangan MRT Area is on the brink of significant transformation, with the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) unveiling a proposed amendment to its masterplan on Jan 16. The comprehensive plan encompasses the development of residential units, the creation of a new neighbourhood park, and the integration of commercial and recreational amenities.

Residential development near Kembangan MRT Station

A residential development is in the works, strategically located next to Kembangan MRT station. The existing landscape comprises a football field with a running track and a basketball court, serving as a central hub for various recreational activities.

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Details of the residential plot

The proposed residential plot spans nearly 2 hectares, currently designated for residential use with shops on the first storey. Under the proposed rezoning, the land will be exclusively for residential purposes, featuring a heightened plot ratio of 3.2. This adjustment allows for the construction of structures surpassing 36 storeys.

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kembangan mrt redevelopment area
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Changes to adjacent plot and Community Club

Adjacent to the residential development, the plot housing the Kampong Kembangan Community Club is slated for rezoning as a park. The broader plans involve the rejuvenation of the entire Kembangan area, with specific attention given to the redevelopment of the community club.

Details regarding the fate of the community club and potential replacements are still in the works, with agencies collaborating to ensure a seamless transition for residents.

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Property analysts’ perspectives

Industry experts, like Property portal Mogul.sg’s chief research officer Nicholas Mak, anticipate a surge in demand for the forthcoming residential development, primarily due to its strategic proximity to Kembangan MRT station. 

Mr. Mak also shared the likelihood that the site will see the construction of condominiums rather than Housing Board (HDB) flats, given its valuable location. However, if HDB flats are chosen, they are likely to be introduced under the Plus model, which imposes stricter resale conditions.

Preliminary estimates suggest that the site could yield approximately 720 to 740 condominium units or 500 to 600 HDB flats. 

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TL;DR? Here’s a quick breakdown 

  • Improved connectivity and accessibility: The redevelopment promises enhanced accessibility to public transportation, facilitating easier travel for residents across various parts of Singapore.
  • New housing options: Addressing the rising demand for housing, the proposed development aims to capitalise on the site’s proximity to amenities, particularly the Kembangan MRT station.
  • Surge in demand: Experts believe there could be a surge in demand for these new properties considering their proximity to Kembangan MRT. As such, competition for them could be steep as well. 
  • Loss of green space: The redevelopment of the community club and football field poses a potential loss of the only green space in the area, impacting sports, recreational activities, and social gatherings.
  • Increased property values: Homeowners in the vicinity may witness a surge in property values as a result of the redevelopment. According to 99.co’s Researcher, average property prices near Kembangan MRT reached S$1,970,330, with an average price PSF of S$1,314 in 2023. The overall average price for Kembangan properties in the same year was S$1,353,429, with an average price PSF of S$935. 

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