Serangoon and Queenstown properties share a 1.2 million ATH title

The Housing and Development Board (HDB) resale market in Singapore has always been a dynamic and critical component of the nation’s housing landscape. In recent times, this market has witnessed some significant milestones, particularly in terms of resale prices. Notably, the towns of Serangoon and Queenstown have set new benchmarks with their all-time high (ATH) resale prices, each hitting the S$1.2 million mark. This article delves into these record-breaking transactions, exploring the factors that contribute to such high values and the implications for the broader market.

These record prices reflect not just the individual characteristics of the sold flats but also the broader trends and dynamics within Singapore’s public housing market. By examining these transactions in Serangoon and Queenstown, we gain insight into what drives value in Singapore’s diverse and complex HDB landscape.

Overview of the Serangoon and Queenstown HDB transactions

On January 1, 2024, an executive flat in Serangoon, measuring 146 square meters and located between the 7th and 9th floors, was sold for an impressive $1.2 million. This transaction set a new record in the town, reflecting a significant milestone in the local property market. Similarly, in Queenstown, a 4-room flat, located high up between the 28th and 30th floors and spanning 95 square meters, also achieved the same resale price of $1.2 million. This price point not only signifies a peak in Queenstown’s market but also marks a notable trend in the resale values of HDB flats in mature estates

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These transactions are not isolated events but are indicative of larger trends in Singapore’s housing market. The consistently high demand for HDB flats in these areas, combined with the unique attributes of the individual properties, has driven resale prices to unprecedented levels.

How did the Serangoon property reach a 1.2 million ATH?

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The Serangoon area has long been attractive to homebuyers for several reasons, leading to its high resale value:

  • Connectivity and transportation: Serangoon is well-connected by public transport, with major MRT lines and bus services.
  • Amenities and lifestyle: The presence of shopping malls, parks, and recreational facilities enhances living standards.
  • Schools and educational institutions: Proximity to reputable schools makes it a preferred location for families.
  • Community and living environment: Serangoon boasts a vibrant community with a mix of new and mature estates, offering a comfortable living environment.

The $1.2 million ATH in Serangoon is a significant leap from previous high prices in the area. This increase can be attributed to the ongoing development in the town, improving infrastructure, and the appeal of living in a well-established community.

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Talking about the S$1.2 million ATH of a Queenstown property

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Queenstown, known for its rich history and strategic location, also presents several factors contributing to its high property value:

  • Historical significance: As one of Singapore’s oldest housing estates, Queenstown has a unique charm and character.
  • Strategic location: Situated close to the city centre, it offers convenience for those working in or near the central business district.
  • Modern development plans: Ongoing and planned developments in Queenstown continue to enhance its appeal.
  • Scenic views and high floors: Properties on higher floors, especially those offering panoramic views, command a premium.

The ATH price of $1.2 million in Queenstown reflects the town’s evolution from a historical housing estate to a sought-after residential area. Its continual modernization, coupled with its legacy, makes it a prime location for high-value HDB transactions.

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What could we take from both ATHs?

While both Serangoon and Queenstown have recorded the same ATH price, the properties and the factors driving their values differ. Serangoon’s transaction involved a larger executive flat, while Queenstown’s was for a smaller 4-room unit. This difference in size and flat type highlights the varying attributes valued in different towns. In Serangoon, the emphasis might be more on space and family-oriented living, whereas in Queenstown, the allure might be the location and the views from high-rise flats.

Despite these differences, both localities share a common trend: the increasing value placed on well-located, well-connected, and amenity-rich HDB towns. The high resale values in both areas are a testament to their desirability and the overall strength of Singapore’s public housing market.

ATH prices and how they affect the market

The record-setting prices in Serangoon and Queenstown have significant implications for the HDB resale market. Firstly, they set new benchmarks for property values in these towns, potentially influencing future transactions. Buyers might now have heightened expectations regarding the value of properties in these areas, which could impact affordability for some. On the other hand, current homeowners might see an increase in the value of their properties, which could affect decisions regarding selling or upgrading.

Furthermore, these high resale prices could influence the overall sentiment in the HDB market. They might lead to increased confidence among sellers, possibly resulting in a general upward trend in prices, especially in other mature estates with similar attributes. However, this could also raise concerns about affordability and accessibility for first-time buyers and those looking for budget-friendly options.


The recent transactions in Serangoon and Queenstown, each hitting the $1.2 million mark, are not just record-breaking figures but also indicators of the evolving landscape of Singapore’s HDB resale market. They highlight the diverse factors that contribute to the value of public housing and the different attributes that buyers value in different towns. As Singapore’s housing market continues to mature, these transactions provide valuable insights into the trends and dynamics that will shape the future of housing in this vibrant city-state.

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