New integrated development next to Kembangan MRT Station: A comprehensive overview

Singapore’s Kembangan estate is poised for a significant transformation with the proposed Housing and Development Board (HDB) integrated development adjacent to Kembangan MRT station. This project marks a pivotal shift in the area’s landscape, promising to bring a blend of residential comfort and community vibrancy to one of Singapore’s established locales.

The development aims to cater to the evolving needs of Singapore’s diverse population. By incorporating a range of facilities and housing types, it addresses the desires of different generations for a harmonious and interconnected living environment. This article delves into the various aspects of this ambitious project, outlining its features, amenities, and potential impact on the Kembangan community.

Kembangan MRT  integrated development details

The heart of this development lies in its residential offerings, which include approximately 340 Build-To-Order (BTO) units. These units are distributed across two 18-storey blocks, featuring a mix of two-room Flexi and four-room flats. This development holds special significance as it represents the first major BTO project in Kembangan in over thirty years, signalling a renewed focus on rejuvenating the area with modern housing options.

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The target demographic is notably diverse. Families looking to live near their parents will find the proximity conducive to mutual care and support, while seniors aiming to downsize or “right-size” their living arrangements will appreciate the practicality and comfort of the Flexi flats. This strategic mix of housing types underscores HDB’s commitment to fostering family bonds and supporting ageing in place.

Community and commercial facilities

A key feature of the new development is reimagining the Kampong Kembangan Community Club (KKCC). Planned to be 1.5 times larger than its current size, the revamped KKCC will house an array of facilities, including a community plaza, diverse activity studios, a sheltered basketball court, an indoor gym, and a futsal court. These enhancements are designed to foster community engagement and active lifestyles.

integrated development kembangan mrt
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The commercial aspect of the development is equally robust, with plans for a supermarket, various food and beverage outlets, and retail shops. These facilities and outpatient healthcare facilities promise to bring unprecedented convenience to the residents, fulfilling their daily needs within the comfort of their neighbourhood.

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Connectivity and accessibility

Connectivity is a cornerstone of this development. A new cycling path along Jalan Kembangan is in the works, aimed at providing residents with easier access to MRT stations and nearby amenities. This path is part of a broader strategy to encourage eco-friendly transportation and promote a healthier, more active lifestyle among residents.

The introduction of a jogging path, approximately 1.5 times longer than the existing one, further complements the estate’s green initiatives. The enhancement of the Siglap Park Connector, facilitating better access to East Coast Park and Bedok Reservoir, underscores a commitment to integrating natural spaces with urban living, offering residents a seamless blend of city convenience and scenic tranquillity.

Green space and recreational areas

In line with Singapore’s vision of a ‘City in a Garden’, the development includes substantial green spaces. The current site of KKCC will be transformed into a neighbourhood park, providing a lush, green sanctuary for relaxation and family activities. This park will feature a three-generation playground, fitness corners, and a multi-purpose court, catering to the recreational needs of all age groups.

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The inclusion of additional green spaces, such as a linear park, further emphasises the commitment to ecological sustainability and community well-being. These spaces are not just aesthetic enhancements but are envisioned as active hubs for community bonding and recreational activities.

Construction and transition

Acknowledging the potential inconvenience that construction might bring, HDB has outlined several measures to mitigate its impact. Interim-covered linkways and effective traffic management plans are in place to ensure minimal disruption to daily life. Additionally, high hoardings with noise barriers will be installed to keep construction noise and dust to a minimum.

The transition phase includes the temporary relocation of KKCC to Kampong Ubi CC, ensuring that community activities continue uninterrupted. This move is part of a carefully planned strategy to maintain community engagement and accessibility throughout the construction period.

Community response

The development has elicited mixed reactions from the Kembangan community. While some residents express concerns over the loss of existing green spaces and the inconvenience due to the KKCC relocation, others anticipate the new amenities and enhanced connectivity. These diverse viewpoints highlight the complexities involved in urban redevelopment and the need for careful consideration of community sentiments.

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Ongoing consultations with residents, as emphasised by Minister Edwin Tong, play a crucial role in refining the development plans. This collaborative approach aims to balance development goals with the preservation of community interests, ensuring that the project aligns with the needs and aspirations of Kembangan residents.


The proposed integrated development next to Kembangan MRT station represents a significant step in the evolution of the Kembangan estate. By offering a blend of modern housing, enhanced community facilities, and improved connectivity, the project promises to inject new life and vibrancy into the area. As the development progresses, it holds the potential to transform Kembangan into a model of integrated urban living, harmoniously blending residential comfort with community dynamism.

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