Metal Ox year will be good to business owners in certain sectors

The year of the metal Ox will be good to certain industries

By: Phoenix Lee/

metal oxChallenging times are ahead of us, and the new Lunar New Year of the metal Ox is set to be one year that is going to be particularly hard. The global rumbles that are currently being felt across all spectra of life, be it economics, finance, and politics, appear to be just the beginning of what is going to be deep-seated repercussions that will take all of next year to settle – and possibly even bleed into 2022.

Recent events show that the world is in a strange kind of tumult. While Joe Biden’s victory is symbolic on many levels for the US, and the world in general, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the political upheaval in Myanmar are indicators of things going desperately wrong.

This concern is reflected when you consider the global situation from a feng shui perspective. 2021 is the Year of the Metal Ox, and generally the metal element is primarily yin (receptive and feminine) in nature, signifying energy moving inward and contracting.

However, as with all other elements, it also can be yang in expression in certain circumstances. Metal has associations with the season of autumn and with the cycle of slowing down in the period immediately preceding dormancy. It can also represent strength, rigidity, or powerful determination. The type of Metal we see in 2021 is not the best kind, as it is somewhat ‘contaminated’ metal. So this doesn’t bode well for the year. Contamination implies some form of impurity or corruption, and thus this general atmosphere is likely to infect all aspects of life.

We can expect Joe Biden to face quite a few challenges or even outright disputes, as there are signs that people will be unhappy with things he does, not so much because his policies are flawed, but because the general climate is one of such dissent and unrest. Certainly, he is stepping up in one of the most difficult times in recent political and economic history.

On a more localised front, we can probably expect the year of the metal Ox to bring lots of internal disputes in corporations and workplaces, and a strong likelihood of companies firing many of their own personnel. This, of course, is something that’s already being seen across the board in many countries. The bad news is that it’s unlikely to ease up in the year of the metal Ox.

So far, the picture painted for the year of the metal Ox is one of gloom. This is probably not the best piece of news you would want to read while having your morning cup of coffee. We could maybe impart some good news? Possibly.

There are certain industries that will not be affected too negatively in the upcoming year. Industries with the Metal element, such as banking and finance, legal, iron and steel, provision and groceries will also be having lots of good opportunities from the end of July. Financial technology (fintech) and Property Technology (Proptech) will grow rapidly. The health industry will do better as there will literally be a surge in health issues and possible complications in the coming year. Educational industries will do well as well.

When the going gets tough, the tough turn to feng shui

This is as good a time as any to use feng shui. If you’ve never tried it before, give it a go. Essentially, what is there to lose? If all your regular methods won’t work, or don’t work as effectively as they should, then consider feng shui as your plan of action. Consider activating areas in your home according to monthly charts. There are monthly charts that tell you which areas to activate as the year progresses, which will work a lot more accurately, and help you on a more precise basis than simply doing it on a yearly basis.

Here’s a tip: In the year of the metal Ox, the Wealth sector will be the Southeast sector of your home. Have some qi flowing in to this area, as it will help protect your assets and improve your wealth potential. The simplest way would be to have more water in that area in the form of an aquarium.

The Northwest sector is the secondary wealth sector of the year; so it will also be a good area to keep active. It can promote stability and harmony in relationships, and also bodes well for gaining assistance from helpful people. It depends on how deep you want to delve into feng shui. There’s always the option of reading and gaining some tips from reputable books on authentic feng shui, or you could invest in a class that teaches you how to marry principles with practical action.

It’s a small investment, and an investment in feng shui is an investment in life.

It’s also as good a time as any to focus on the things that matter most to you, individually. For most of us, that means reconnecting with friends and family – and this is important, because say what we will about independence, we’re essentially social creatures, and tough times are made all the more bearable with people around.

You could hone your planning skills, and get cracking on a strategy. Invest in the long-term. It’s tempting, as businesses start lowering prices, to fritter away cash on things because some will be ridiculously cheap. It’s sound advice, but should be tempered with rational self-interest. You’re in this for the long-haul; so you must remain focused on your end goals. Plan, plan, plan – and plan some more.

It was mentioned earlier that the education industry will be doing well, and this is because people will be considering one particular mode of investment over all other kinds, including assets, finance, and property – self-investment, that is. The trend will be for investment through education, and it will be a good time to consider expanding your skill set, or going back to school while continuing to work. This will help you in your career, as well, because employers aren’t too keen on firing employees who have multiple skills.

The bottom line is, don’t let all this information get you down. Consider it a friendly warning about the things to look out for, and then get set on planning how to overcome what’s in store. It is possible, but it’s just going to require more work than expected. With a little help from your friends – and feng shui – you’ll be able to pull through.

So we’d like to take this opportunity to wish all Living Now readers a very Happy New Year, and all the best in your chosen endeavours for 2021, whatever that may be!

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