High Floor vs Low Floor Unit: Which One Is Better?

If you’re planning to buy a condo or HDB flat, then one of the biggest considerations is deciding between a high floor or low floor unit. 

Generally, most would pick units on higher floors because the general consensus is that they are better as they offer more privacy and better views, among other things. 

As such, it’s not uncommon to see high floor units snapped up first even though they cost a premium. 

But are high floor units that much better? Let’s take a look at the pros of each.

Pros of living on a higher floor

Pros of living on a lower floor

Better natural wind ventilation

More convenient 

Less prone to pests

Not as dusty

More privacy and lower noise levels 


Better views

Better pool/garden views

Better resale value

Easier if you’re a pet owner

Less prone to litter (including killer litter) 

More floor space

Not vulnerable to floods


Better security


Pros of living on a higher floor:

1. Has Better Wind Ventilation 

Units on higher floors are usually unblocked and therefore are therefore windier. As such, you’ll also spend less on your energy bills as your home would be cooler. If the unit is north-south oriented, then you have the added bonus of receiving natural wind ventilation all-year long.  

2. Less Prone to Pests

Pests like cockroaches, mosquitoes, and rats are commonly found on lower floor units since it’s easier for them to make their way into your home. This is especially true if the unit is close to the garbage chute. 

Having said that, living on a higher floor doesn’t mean that your home is immune to pests; your personal hygiene and overall cleanliness also play a big role. If you leave food all around, or don’t clean your home regularly, then it only encourages pests to breed and roam around. If you need tips to keep your home free from pests, read our pest control article guide

3. More Privacy and Lower Noise Levels

If you enjoy peace and quiet, then you may prefer a higher floor unit. Broadly speaking, the higher the unit, the further away you are from the clamouring sounds of people, drilling noises from nearby construction sites, honking horns, and noises from the pool and BBQ pits. 

However, some condos have facilities on higher floors or on the rooftop, so the reverse may also be true if you live on a higher floor in such developments. So before buying, make sure you know where the facilities are located.

Also, noise doesn’t just come from below. For instance, if you have noisy neighbours, then you may have to get used to the sound of footsteps, chatter, moving furniture or renovation noise. Higher floors may also be more prone to the sound of planes, which may affect you if you’re working from home.

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4. Better Views

Higher floor units offer better views of the surrounding area, be it the city, sea, or sunset. This is especially true if you live in a low-density neighbourhood. However, expect to pay more the higher you go, especially if the property has great views (e.g. sea-facing). This is one reason why penthouse units or units located on the highest floor are always the priciest.  

5. Better Resale Value

Homes located on higher storeys tend to command higher premiums. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see a price difference of thousands of dollars based on the floor level alone. As such, you can sell (or rent) your home at a higher price in the future.

6. Less Prone to High-Rise Litter (Including Killer Litter)

It’s not uncommon for residents living on lower floors (especially those on the ground floor) to be victims of high-rise litter. Common trash include tissue paper, cigarette butts and food waste, but there have also been cases where people have tossed ‘unusual’ items such as human faeces, empty bottles, glass panels, and meat cleavers — resulting in injuries and even death

7. Not Vulnerable to Floods

Granted, it’s not very common, but given that there are quite a few low-lying housing estates in Singapore, your home may be prone to floods if you live on the ground floor of these flood-prone areas. But if you live on higher floors, then you don’t have such concerns. 

8. Better Security

Though crime isn’t very rampant in Singapore, but ‘low crime doesn’t mean no crime’ as they say. Burglaries are less likely to happen on higher floors since it takes much more effort. 


Pros of Living On Lower Floors:

1. More Convenient

You spend much less time waiting for and waiting in lifts, which is a common problem if you live on higher floors. Additionally, in case of fire, emergencies, or if the lift breaks down, it’s safer and easier to leave the building, as taking the stairs won’t be a drag. 

Living on lower floors is also good for families with elderly/disabled members since it’s more accessible for them. And if you live in an apartment or condo, then it’s also more convenient to access facilities such as pools, which are typically on the ground floor. 

2. Not as Dusty

Whilst you may not enjoy the wind breeze as much as your fellow residents living on top, it also means that you’ll be less exposed to the dust that comes with the wind. 

3. Cheaper

Although higher floor units have better resale value, they’re also much more expensive. For example, if a 20-storey project has an average price difference of $5,000 per floor, the difference between the unit on the 20th floor and the second floor is $90,000. That’s a huge amount of money to fork out especially if you’re tight on cash. 

4. Better Garden/Pool Views

Higher floors may give you better views of the surrounding and from afar, but lower floor units are great if you prefer up-close views of the pool or greenery, or if you enjoy people-watching.

5. Easier If You’re a Pet Owner

Some neighbours may feel uncomfortable around your pet, especially in the lift. If you’re a pet owner, then it’s less awkward if you live on a lower floor as you can avoid this by taking the stairs. 

6. More Floor Space

Some lower floor units, especially those on the ground floor are larger than most because of Private Enclosed Spaces (PES). These units usually have a patio area that is usually closed off with a gate, providing an outdoor yard. 


Higher Floor or Lower Floor Unit: How to Decide?

So which one should you pick? The best way to decide is to choose according to the needs of you and your family.

If you don’t mind the hustle and bustle of the area, and don’t think it’s worth forking out more to live in essentially the same development, then lower floor units are recommended for you. 

Furthermore, lower floor units are also safer if you have young children or elderly members. But perhaps the main benefit of living on a lower floor is that you spend less time waiting for the lifts, which can be tormenting especially when they break down. 

On the other hand, if you value your privacy and want jaw-dropping views of the surrounding area, then higher floor units — particularly those at the top — will suit you better. Not only that, your home will get windy at different parts of the year and there would also be fewer pests overall. More importantly, your home would likely fetch a higher resale value in the future as buyers would generally pay more for units that are located on higher floors. 


Other FAQs About Higher Floor vs Lower Floor Units:

1. Is It Better to Live On a Higher Floor?

Higher floor units are better because you get fewer visits from pests. You also have better views of the surrounding and get more wind ventilation all year long. Furthermore, higher floor units tend to command higher resale value. 

2. Why Is High Floor Units More Expensive?

Living on higher floors means you have more privacy as you’re further away from the hustle and bustle of the area. Upper floor units also offer better views and ventilation. 

3. Is It Better to Buy A Ground Floor or Low Floor Unit?

If you don’t like waiting for the lifts and want convenient access, then ground floor or lower floor units are better for you. Some ground floor units offer an outdoor patio which can be used for gardening, plus you also get good views of the pool or greenery.

4. Which Floor Unit Is The Best?

Higher floor units offer more privacy, better security and better resale value. Lower floor units on the other hand, are more convenient especially when the lift breaks down. They’re also cheaper and safer for children and the elderly. 


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