6 Chinese customs and rituals to observe for moving into your new house

Just received the keys to your new flat? Regardless of whether it’s because of their own kiasu spirit, or to satisfy superstitious parents, people here tend to perform these Chinese rituals when moving into their new house. You never know — these customs might just swing an unexpected windfall your way!

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Whether you’re the pantang sort or not, here are some Chinese customs you can follow when you start moving house!

1. Roll a pineapple into your new house

couple holding a pineapple

This is probably the most famous Chinese ritual for moving into a new house in Singapore. The tradition stems from the Hokkien term for pineapple, which sounds similar to the Hokkien term for welcoming prosperity. Nothing too complicated to this — simply roll a pineapple around your house whilst saying auspicious phrases such as 龙马精神, 财源广进 and 招财进宝. This will supposedly bless your new home and ensure that your residency is an abundant and prosperous one.

2. Carry auspicious items when you step in

man carrying fresh fruits as part of Chinese ritual for moving in a new house

You have your pineapple that will help you become prosperous. But to multiply its effects and attract even more wealth, all household occupants should carry auspicious items with them when they first step into the house. These can be feng shui coins, but an easier alternative is to simply use fresh fruits.

Fruits that are typically favoured are oranges, pomegranates, apples, and peaches. These symbolise prosperity, opportunity, safety, and good health respectively.

3. Boil water

kettle on a stove

Another Chinese ritual to follow when moving into your new house is to bring a kettle to boil water on your stove. According to Chinese customs, doing this ensures that your home is filled with warmth, and also give you a leg up in your career. Afterwards, you can use the water to brew a pot of Chinese tea.

4. Usher in wealth with sweets and red packets

red packets

Here’s another Chinese ritual for moving into a new house that can help you multiply your wealth. Place sweets on your tables and desks, and red packets filled with new, unfolded notes in places where you typically store your money (e.g. in a safe). Make sure your safe is clean and in good condition before you do this, though!

If you don’t have your furniture yet, you may skip this step.

5. Open all the doors and windows

When you first step into your new home, you should open all doors and windows to let the air flow through. The purpose of this is to let the qi, or positive energy, renew itself and flow throughout the house.

6. Turn on the taps and stove

running tap as part of Chinese ritual for moving in a new house

The final step in the moving house ceremony is to turn on your taps, stoves, and any electrical appliances that you might have. Leave them running for approximately three minutes. This is said to ensure that the various areas of your home are activated and have energy flowing through them. Plus, here’s when you can check your electricity, water and gas supply.

If you don’t have any appliances installed, fret not! Opening your windows and doors as mentioned in Step 5 will also get the job done.

What you shouldn’t do when moving into a new house 

Apart from observing these customs, make sure you avoid the following.

Repair or assemble objects

Traditionalists believe that doing any sort of handiwork on your first day in your new home will set a bad ‘tone’ for the rest of your stay, and that your home will constantly be in a state of disrepair moving forward. This also extends to nailing objects and drilling holes. Leave all these to the second day!


This one is fairly self-explanatory. We don’t need feng shui or folklore to tell us that quarrelling on your first day in your new home sets a bad precedent. Make sure that everyone’s well-rested, well-fed, and happy to make sure that the process goes smoothly!

Which Chinese rituals have you done when moving into your new house? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Facebook post. 

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Frequently asked questions 

How can I bring good luck to my new house?

You can follow a few Chinese customs such as rolling a pineapple and bringing in auspicious items into your new house. You should also move in during an auspicious day and time.

When is the best day to move?

If you’re more superstitious, you may want to move during an auspicious day and time. This should be based on The Chinese Almanac and the birth data of your family members.

What do you say when you roll a pineapple in a new house?

You can simply say auspicious sayings such as 龙马精神, 财源广进 and 招财进宝 to bless your house.

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