A Home Fit for a Bond Villain: US$100 million trio of private islands

Many viewers of the spy-action series will admit to wanting to be a bit like James Bond. The style, the swagger, the charm, the supreme self-confidence… all highly aspirational. But if we’re honest with ourselves, it’s the villains we’d probably prefer to live like.

Insidious plans for world domination aside, many Bond baddies have got lifestyles to die for. In several cases — specifically, those of Scaramanga, Blofeld and Dr. No — they live on their own private islands. That’s a fantasy you too can make real, if you’ve got the vision. Oh, and a substantial sum in ready funds, of course.

Islas Cayonetas at sunset
One of the three pristine private islands offered together for sale. (All photos: Bespoke Real Estate)

A unique property comprising three stunning private islands is currently on the market with an asking price of US$100 million. Situated 65km off the coast from Panama City, Islas Cayonetas boasts a combined total of 30km of coastline, no less than 50 beaches, and such a rich array of wildlife that comparisons have been made to the Galapagos Islands.

Spanning around 1,800 acres of untouched tropical forest, the islands are home to hatching grounds for four species of turtles, nesting for hundreds of bird species (including a dozen subspecies not found on the mainland), and archaeological sites that provide fascinating insights into the lives of the indigenous people who occupied these islands in pre-Columbian times.

Islas Cayonetas drone pic
The three islands possess a combined 30km of coastline.

The property is being offered for sale by Dr. Hana Ayala, noted scientist, economist, diplomat, and founder of Pangea World, an organisation established with the stated goal “to transform tourism, conservation and science into a self-sustaining engine for economic development.”

In order to preserve the islands’ natural beauty and abundant wildlife, 70% of the overall property must be maintained as a nature preserve, an initiative to be undertaken with the guidance and collaboration of Pangea World. The remaining third can be developed as exclusive villas, an eco-friendly resort with a marina, or if the new owner prefers, one utterly incredible private compound. (Whether you choose to install an underground lair as well is entirely a matter of personal taste.)

LasCayonetas aerial photo
The individual acquiring these gorgeous islands must be willing to preserve the vast majority of the natural habitat.

Of course, all that means evil mega-villains need not apply. The individual who eventually takes on the task of respectfully developing and maintaining these gorgeous islands will be someone keenly interested in the preservation of our world, rather than its destruction. Sound like you? Enquiries and further information via this link. No time to dilly dally. You only live once.

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