Comment on ECs resold in May 2023 made an average profit of S$470k; highest at S$995k by He Dipei

What’s the good of such massive housing prices going up so high? Instead of a gradual increase beating inflation, this high extremely high increases over the decades will be destroying our younger and future generations affordability to buy their own home. It’s bad for Singapore long term living conditions for the children of the future who will also not be able to afford to rent because it goes up together with housing prices.

The HDB should plan to rent out HDB 2, 3 and 4 rooms flat because it will come a day in future those who cannot afford to buy a HDB to suit their family size and also cannot afford rental from HDB owners will become a very angry citizen.

Owners of homes today whom own one flat cannot be happy too because they sold high price but will be paying more higher prices for the flat they have to re-purchase to lived in and will be incurring higher debts and mortgage payments. The little profit in cash will be spent quickly and Singaporeans common folks will be like Americans living in a high debts environment with higher risks as they get older.

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