Nicsson Kwok: This Property Solutionist and Realtor Extraordinaire Turns Clients’ Despair into Delight

There are plenty of facts and figures that attest to Nicsson Kwok’s achievements as a real estate agent. Consistently one of the Top 100 performers among ERA’s 8,700 agents, he has been accredited with multiple ‘DIAMONDS’ for achieving commissions of over $100,000 per month, while winning the Singapore Estate Agents Association’s Silver and Gold Awards in consecutive years.

Nicsson has worked hard to secure these numerous honours and accolades. However, as satisfying as it may be to receive trophies, plaques and outstanding sales figures, that’s not how Nicsson measures success.

Nicsson Kwok Million $ Club

Fit For Purpose Solutions

“For me, it isn’t just a numbers game,” he says. “It’s not only about being a ‘top producer’. It all comes down to providing the best real estate solutions for my clients, and what they have to say about me, the opinion that they form of me, after we’ve completed a transaction.”

Nicsson believes it is the partnership of mutual trust that he builds with clients, cemented by delivering upon his promises, that set him apart. His philosophy is to provide services and solutions to each individual client that are ‘fit for purpose’, as he puts it.

“By that, I mean that I adopt an advisory and consultative approach rather than order-taking,” he explains. “You need to ask the right questions and really take the effort to understand a client’s motivations, objectives, their future plans, and their concerns.”

In work and his personal life, Nicsson says, “I don’t pass judgment. Everyone has their own unique situation, and we as agents must be empathetic and do our best to discover what the client truly needs. Sometimes the client doesn’t know what they need, or there may be factors at play that are not immediately apparent — it’s our duty to find out and offer the right advice.”

Nicsson Kwok with clients
Nicsson has gained clients’ trust by always working towards their primary interests and achieving the best results for each individual.

Every client is equally important to Nicsson, regardless of the type or size of a transaction. “Yes, much of my business involves private condominiums and landed properties, but I also have a successful track record with HDBs. I’ll work with buying and selling, and also rentals across Singapore,” Nicsson says.

“My objective is to do what is best for the individual client and deliver exactly what that client needs,” Nicsson elaborates, “be it asset progression, property wealth creation, portfolio rejuvenation, accelerated asset acquisition, exit strategy or legacy planning.”

Consecutive Years Record Breaking Sales For His Clients

An expert in omnichannel marketing and a keen trend-spotter, prior to entering the real estate business, Nicsson spent many years working at the highest levels in marketing, brand management, advertising and PR. During this time, he led major initiatives for blue chip companies and clients including City Development, Microsoft, Mediacorp and Shell.

Today, he brings those skills to bear when helping clients sell their homes and has achieved record-breaking sales prices for the 12 months preceding each transacted property of the same size, within the respective estates, for his clients over consecutive years in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

Nicsson Kwok record high prices

From Despair To Delight

He offers an example: “Once, I had father-and-son clients in their 70s and 50s who nearly sold their property at a fire-sale price. They wanted to downgrade from their condo and move somewhere more affordable, to take the remaining funds as a nest-egg to live on,” Nicsson explains.

“They’d had other agents but were unable to sell their place for almost a year before they engaged me,” he recalls. “I could see with the cluttered ‘bachelor’ state of the condo they shared, it would be a struggle to sell it for the optimum price in that condition, but this had never been flagged to them.”

“I assured the gentlemen that if they moved into a rental apartment temporarily and allowed us to show the home in a pristine state, I could quickly make a healthy sale for them, while allowing them ample time to find their next ideal home without any pressure,” Nicsson says. “I’m proud to say that I made good on that promise. The clients were very happy.”

Nicsson had analysed the clients’ situation and provided a holistic solution. He recommended that, subsequent to selling their condo, buying a resale HDB would be the clients’ ideal course of action, allowing them to maximise the leftover funds available.

“Some agents may have been tempted to encourage the clients to purchase another condo, because that would be more profitable for the agent. Yet it was clear to me that a resale HDB was the most prudent way forward for the clients and the best thing for them,” Nicsson says. “Today, they’re very comfortable financially.”

Nicsson Kwok apartment
Before and after images of the apartment referred to in this case study.

This is what the client had to say about Nicsson:

“From despair to delight! I am a seller-turned-buyer client of Nicsson’s. We needed a new home urgently due to family needs, but first we had to sell our condo. For a year we had other agents try, but didn’t get any offers even when our price was fair. Worst! My business was hit by Covid-19! All seemed hopeless. As a last resort, we spoke to a neighbour who’d just sold at the highest price. We were referred to Nicsson and hired him exclusively. I was prepared to sell at almost fire-sale price, but he stopped me. After detailed analysis he identified the issues and came up with the best holistic plan. He sold our condo above fair market value with a huge profit! He helped us buy our dream home at the best entry price after focused search and powerful negotiations. He timed our cash flow and accommodation from sale to dream home perfectly! Thanks to this realtor extraordinaire, my family life changed for the better! If there is one agent you can trust and rely on, that’s Nicsson!”

(Validated Transaction Review by Kah S.C. – Exclusive Seller, Tenant and Buyer.)

Nicsson Kwok multiple diamondsSingapore’s Best Property Solutionist

At the other end of the spectrum, Nicsson recalls a scenario with one of his ultra-high-net worth clients. “The client was a foreigner who’d recently become a Singapore citizen. They had a teenage child studying at high school in Singapore, and were looking for another condo, new or resale, that they could hold as an investment and rent out, but which, in future, they could also perhaps reside in.”

Nicsson advised the client that, while they were in the position to buy the condo outright, they’d potentially be better off to take out a mortgage and put their liquid funds in a higher yield investment. He analysed data from and other sources, which indicated that a new condominium, in the client’s desired prime city area, was likely to offer better capital gains than a resale unit.

Furthermore, he suggested the client look at integrated developments with dual-key units, where they could house their daughter in the studio while achieving high rental yield out of the adjacent three-bedroom apartment. The client was initially hesitant but chose to follow this course of action after Nicsson shared data-driven intelligence with them.

This is what the client had to say about Nicsson:

“Singapore’s best property solutionist! I am from overseas and wanted to buy a second new condo. I had other agents, but none as efficient as Nicsson. My situation was complex and he developed the perfect solution and structured the best deal with the developer. I cashed-out from my current property without selling plus saved thousands of dollars! His market analysis was highly accurate! Less than seven days from my purchase, buyer’s stamp duty increased and I am thankful I took his advice not to delay my purchase. He is highly professional and honest, provided the best possible developer deals / real prices for all new Singapore condos. His proven data-driven approach is super! I acquired an undervalued new condo in the city, at outside-city-prices! He went above and beyond the required when I went overseas, he organized every detail from lawyers to bankers to perfection! I highly recommend Nicsson, especially if you are Foreigner/ SPR, he will serve your best interest.

(Validated Transaction Review by H.M. Qing – Exclusive Buyer and Investor.)

Nicsson Kwok Top 100
Nicsson has consistently achieved Top 100 results.

It’s A Big Responsibility

When servicing a client, Nicsson says, no matter how small or large the deal, a realtor must act with integrity, be knowledgeable, offer expertise and data-based analysis, provide a client with the various options available to them, and give their recommendations with a key focus to serve the client’s best interest. Then, once the client has made a decision, the realtor must execute and live up to their promises.

“The client is putting their trust in you, for their whole family,” Nicsson points out. “As an agent, the client may hardly know you, but they are having faith that you will do the right thing by them, on a transaction that will affect their family for many years to come. That is a big responsibility.”

Winning trust in a situation like that doesn’t happen immediately, and when trust has been secured it shouldn’t be squandered, Nicsson says. “You don’t simply take your commission and say good-bye — for me, it’s so important to follow up, to maintain the relationship.” A realtor should remain in touch to ensure the client’s satisfaction, and to ask what could’ve been done to make the experience even better, he believes.

“What did I do that was particularly effective and satisfying? How could I have improved? What were the learnings? You need to ask these questions to ensure you’re constantly improving, and to retain the trust of the client, keeping that relationship ongoing,” Nicsson says.

Among Asia Pacific Elites

Nicsson runs his business with a division of elite agents from Preeminent Group, the largest real estate group in Singapore and 9x Consecutive #1 Champion Group within ERA Singapore.

There are times when some associates ask him why he never takes the easiest route, always choosing to prioritise challenging tasks over simple ones. Nicsson says, “For me, it’s not a matter of choice. When I see a client’s pain point that can be resolved, I’ll do whatever I can to resolve it with integrity. I think that’s what should be expected of any agent. I would expect that of a realtor servicing me — I would expect nothing less, so I give nothing less.”

If you need assistance on your property matters or wish to accelerate your real estate career, contact Nicsson Kwok at 87827887 or click here to WhatsApp.

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