🔥 Your Perfect Match: All-rounder 🔥

This Single Day’s, we play the modern-day property cupid by matching you with property agents – all based on a nifty personality quiz we’ve created. Attempt the personality quiz here!

Took the quiz and wondering who you are matched with?

*Drum roll*

Who is an All-rounder?
are known to be the life of the party, they can be found spontaneously breaking into song and dance as they thrive in social situations. They relate well to people of all backgrounds due to their empathetic nature.

Why is my match an All-rounder?
You are most likely here as you work most effectively with someone you have great chemistry with! You trust people you vibe well with and in return.

You will often find yourself confiding in them as friends. These are people that you can party all night with, and at the same time can rely on to deliver you the results you need!

Here are your matches!

Looking to Buy?

Esther Marcus Thomas Vincent

Alfred Chrystina Hwee Peng Eileen

Henry Serena Stephanie Jochen

Richard Lina Millie Chris

Amber Thomas Bernadine Mark

Henry Eric Vincent Christopher


Looking to rent?

Serene Patrick Calista Eric


Looking to Buy or Rent? 

Lance Lyna Ryan Gary

Sharon Windaline Jeslyn Chee


Brannon Delia Barry Evelyn


James Joanna Wendy Eileen


Rebecca Timothy Peter Bhavina


Richard Charmaine Idayu Queenin


Eva Robin Joanna Walter


Tommy Louis Angeline Tham


Laurence Dyan Raama Kok Hwee


Calvin Pearly Novan Sonia


Jasmine Sim Zhi Wei Wilson


Ryan Eric Liz Carol


Nora Robin Vickland Eric

Kenny Tan Ken Yeo Florence Kelly

Arthur Kassandra Jeanna

Thank you for participating in our Single’s Day event!

We hope we worked our magic by bringing you together with your best match. 💘

Curious about the other personalities? Check them out below!






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