Here’s why you should use shared offices

Source: Servcorp

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Technology that Works

The people behind Servcorp’s phenomenal success and track record understand that the three biggest drains on a business’ balance sheet are staff, rent and technology.

Get the first two right and continued reinvestment should not be required on those fronts.

That is not the case for technology, particularly IT. Today IT is at the forefront of everything a business does and needs to be successful, regardless of the industry it is in. It is not the case of simply having it. It must be the right technology, the correct systems and platforms to enable a business to function at its’ full potential.

That is why Servcorp invested heavily in the technology in all their offices around the world.

Out on Their Own

It should be common sense that to attract the best clients into your offices, you need to provide cutting edge, first-class technology and just as importantly, the support that goes with it. That is not the case however.

Servcorp is the only global provider of flexible office space that offers a seamless workspace platform. It is little wonder then that it is the first choice for businesses looking to break out from the yoke of the traditional office model.

Founded in Australia forty years ago, the company has continually ensured it has been one step ahead of its competition, particularly when it comes to the infrastructure it provides its tenants.

Source: Servcorp

Source: Servcorp

Servcorp has invested more than US$100 million in its fully interconnected global data network. Because of that forward-thinking mentality, its offices are proving particularly attractive to the more progressive businesses, a common trait in many of today’s start-ups and one that is close to the heart of its COO, Marcus Moufarrige.

As much as 40% of its revenue comes from technology and professional service companies who see features such as reliable high-speed internet and 24-hour IT support as a must, not a bonus. For these companies, it would be extremely unlikely to be able to afford such connectivity and service on their own.

Global Connectivity – A World at your Fingertips

As a result of Servcorp’s heavy investment and its cloud-based technology platform, its clients are able to have a global presence, and more importantly a localised global presence. Virtual offices account for more than a third of the company’s revenue, and technology – as much as the five-star locations – is the reason behind that.

Research has shown that approaching 90% of potential clients put more emphasis on a business having an address or phone number that is local to them, than they do on its advertising and marketing literature. They are also six times more likely to reach out to an organisation which has a local landline and mobile than those that do not.

Servcorp’s virtual offices provide its clients with exactly that capability. They can sign in to any virtual office, in 23 countries in which they have a presence, giving them not just a local address, but a local landline. All that can be done from anywhere in the world via the client’s smartphone; transforming a one-man band into a truly global operation.

An Infrastructure Second to None

To prosper in this digital age, you need IT solutions that work. Every one of Servcorp’s clients benefits from an IT infrastructure that is comparable to that of a large multinational business. This includes:

  • Fibre based Tier-1 managed internet service, boasting 99.99% uptime and the ability for any configuration such as dedicated bandwidth, VLAN, VPN, DMZ…
  • Access speeds of up to 1Gbps
  • Tailored in-house IT Support 24/7
  • Cisco end-to-end voice network
  • Advanced VoIP and conferencing capabilities
  • Global number portability
  • Call Routing

The ability to constantly reinvest, to train and remain cutting edge in in-house technology is something that is becoming ever more crucial in today’s marketplace. At the same time, it’s also becoming increasingly difficult and expensive that it is more and more the preserve of the big multinationals.

Source: Servcorp

Source: Servcorp

Shared and virtual offices return the power to the small and medium-sized players, allowing them to compete on a level playing field.

That is a good thing for everyone, as it is just those businesses and the brains behind them that are the driving force in pushing the boundaries in what people can achieve. It is those that are disrupting the current status quo, and not just asking questions that have not been asked before but are coming up with the answers to those questions.

Which is precisely how and why Servcorp started in the first place.

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