Want to get 3X more views for your listings? Here’s how!

The property industry is very competitive and agents often fall on a predicament on how their listings can gain more exposure among the rest. 

With this, agents resort to spending a considerable amount of time improving their listing to attract property seekers’ attention. However, your competitors could be doing the same!

So, how do you get your listings on top of property seekers’ search results, for 3X more views?

The solution is – Boost! A power feature that helps improve your listing performance with triple benefits, giving you a competitive advantage among your peers.

Boost Listing

What’s More? Boost booking functions are upgraded, effective 6 Feb 2020

1. Decide when to activate your Boost booking

Instead of waiting till 00:00hrs to have your Boost booking to be activated, your booking will go live immediately when you Boost your listing now. This means you can determine the time you wish for your listing to be Boosted and displayed on the search results, be it 9 am or 6:30 pm in the day!

Each Boost booking will last for 168 hours (equivalent to 7 days), starting from the time it is activated.

2. Run your Boost booking and refresh its ranking automatically

Auto-Boost, a new function that replaces the ‘multiple weeks Boost booking’, enables you to Boost your listings for a longer period of time.

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Once Auto-Boost is turned on, your Boost listing will be reposted within the Boost tier every 7 days, as it renews. This increases the exposure of your listing automatically, potentially resulting in 3X more views than regular listings.

Auto-Boost can be turned off at your convenience via AgentNet > My Listings too. Simply select the Boost listing you wish to turn off Auto-Boost and untick the Auto-Boost checkbox.

The number of Ad Credits needed to Boost is determined by Optimus. Therefore, the Ad Credits required to renew Auto-Boost every 7 days may vary. You may find out the number of credits required for every renewal from AgentNet > My Listings too. 

Auto-Boost is available on AgentNet (web) and AgentNet App.

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Visit Boost for more information or refer to our Help Articles.


Let’s look forward to a future of possibilities, together.

-PropertyGuru Team


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