Huttons Sets Aside $6 Million To Groom Up To 500 Leaders

Today, Huttons announced the establishment of the industry-first Millionaire Associate Program (MAP) during the Covid-19 pandemic to groom up to 500 leaders in the real estate industry.

Mr Mark Yip, Chief Executive Officer of Huttons Asia said, “This pandemic has adversely impacted the lives of many in Singapore. That said, Huttons saw 5 Top Producers (averaging 35 years of age and 6 years of experience in Huttons) who achieved over 1 million in sales. It is Huttons’ belief that opportunities still abound in the real estate industry amidst the challenging environment.”

He further adds, “As one of the largest real estate agencies in Singapore, we want to further support the nation and offer long-term opportunities to those who are keen to pursue a career in real estate- hence the establishment of the MAP. Real estate salespersons (RES) of today have evolved from purely sales to a more consultative role, and they take great pride in offering customised solutions for their clients.”

Launch of MAP to help newcomers excel in the industry

The MAP is slated for launch in January 2021, and aimed at fresh graduates and mid-career individuals who are new to the industry. Eligible candidates will undergo structured courses and undertake examinations to become RES. Subsequent in-house training will cover both soft and technical skills such as market and product knowledge, data analysis, communications and digital marketing.

They can further widen their network and do lead generation across different platforms by leveraging on Huttons’ in-house digital marketing service. These new RES will also be mentored by senior agency leaders who can impart knowledge and provide guidance for them to excel and grow in their new career. They will also be supported with a monthly transition package for one year to kickstart this fulfilling career.

In addition, Huttons’ strong sharing culture means newcomers will be able to attend frequent dialogues with Top Producers to gain more insights about personal branding and customer relationship management. This will help new RES take on new challenges in the industry, and further boost the trust and confidence of clients and developers in Huttons.

“Business opportunities with us are unlimited. There are more than 130 local projects and over 50 international projects for our salespersons to market in addition to other segments too – resale, industrial and retail markets. Furthermore, our salespersons are empowered with technology and research to engage their clients efficiently,” Mark further commented.

Interested candidates can contact any Huttons leader or via to learn more about MAP.

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