We Review Feb 2021 HDB BTO Launch Sites

2020 left a number of disappointed BTO flat applicants, as mature areas like Tampines, Bishan, and Toa Payoh were snapped up at launch. If you’re one of these though, it’s not over yet: before you give in and buy a resale unit, take a moment to familiarise yourself with the upcoming launches. 

Besides a supply of around 7,410 new flats, three of the upcoming locations are located within Toa Payoh (Bidadari). If you missed out before, you may still have a shot. On top of that, HDB has a new “designing for life” concept launched in October 2020, which could mean significant improvements in newer flat designs. Here are the key highlights:

What are the next BTO launch sites?

The launch sites for February 2021 are as follows:

Location Available flat types Number of flats Maturity
Bukit Batok 2-room 3-room 4-room 5-room 960 Non-mature
Tengah 2-room 3-room 4-room 760 Non-mature
Kallang – Whampoa 2-room 3-room 4-room 620 Mature
Toa Payoh (Bidadari) 3-room 4-room 5-room 1,200 Mature

The launch sites for May 2021 are as follows:

Location Available flat types Number of flats Maturity
Tengah 2-room 4-room 5-room 780 Non-mature
Woodlands 2-room 3-room 4-room 1,540 Non-mature
Bukit Merah 3-room 4-room 170 Mature
Geylang 2-room 3-room 4-room 1,380 Mature

We will take a more detailed look at the May 2021 launch sites closer to the date, and as more specifics become available. In the meantime, here are the main highlights of the February launch sites:

1. Bukit Batok (FEB 2021 HDB BTO Launch)

Bukit Batok feb 2021 bto hdb

Last known BTO prices:

The last BTO launch in Bukit Batok was in August 2017:

Flat type Price exc. grants Price inc. grants
2-room From $87,000 From $7,000
3-room From $171,000 From $96,000
4-room From $265,000 From $205,000
5-room From $353,000 From $348,000

Average resale flat prices in Bukit Batok:

Bukit Batok hdb prices

2-room flats are not presented as transaction volumes have been too low.

The latest average price of 3-room flats is $267,000.

The latest average price of 4-room flats is $361,481.

The latest average price of 5-room flats is $575,378.

Nearby schools:

  • Dazhong Primary School (within 1km)
  • St. Anthony’s Primary School (within 1km)
  • Princess Elizabeth Primary School 
  • Lianhua Primary School
  • Dunearn Secondary School
  • Swiss Cottage Secondary School
  • Hillgrove Secondary School
  • Millennia Institute 
  • Eden School 
  • Dulwich College

Nearby Malls:

Westmall is the only major shopping mall in the vicinity.

MRT station(s):

Bukit Gombak (est. 12 to 15 minutes’ walk)

Key highlights:

The Bukit Batok site hosts the pilot programme for Assisted Living flats; we have elaborated on these in our previous article. These are flats for seniors (age 65 and above), and come with assistance packages such as for laundry, food delivery, etc. There are only 160 of these units available for the first batch, and we do expect them to sell fast – the flat cost is as little as $65,000 for a 35-year lease, more affordable than many nursing homes. 

Going forward, we see the Assisted Living flats as a viable replacement for short-lease 2-room flats for seniors. 2-room flats, while also affordable, aren’t specifically designed with the care facilities that older Singaporeans need.

That aside, the Bukit Gombak site is frankly what you’d expect from a non-mature estate, where a lot of work is still to be put in. The distance to Bukit Gombak MRT station means it’s not a convenient walk, so perhaps it’s best if you cycle. 

That said, a strong highlight is that you only need two stops to get to Jurong East, which has almost anything you need in the way of retail, entertainment, etc. 

It’s also likely that you can afford more space to yourself, if you put up with the current lack of amenities. There are few places in Singapore where you’d get a 5-room flat for just $353,000, even without grants. 


It’s not Jurong East; but it is an alternative to Jurong East, if you don’t want to pay the already appreciated flat prices there. And while Bukit Batok is not the most exciting place in Singapore, the low price point of these BTO flats – plus ongoing upgrades over the years – means good room for appreciation (if you’re staying for the long haul). 

We do think that older downsizers on the west end (e.g. those selling appreciated 4 or 5-room flats in places like Jurong) will show an interest in Bukit Batok. 

2. Tengah (FEB 2021 HDB BTO Launch)

Tengah feb 2021 bto hdb

Last known BTO prices:

The last BTO launch in Tengah was in November 2020:

Flat type Price exc. grants Price inc. grants
2-room From $108,000 From $28,000
3-room From $194,000 From $119,000
4-room From $288,000 From $228,000

Tengah is the newest HDB town to date, and there is no available information on resale flat transactions yet. 

Nearby schools:

  • Jurong Primary School
  • Princess Elizabeth Primary School
  • Bukit Batok Secondary School
  • Fuhua Secondary School
  • Hua Yi Secondary School
  • Jurongville Secondary School
  • Yuhua Secondary School
  • Dulwich College
  • Millennia Institute 

Nearby Malls:

There are no malls in Tengah, the closest is Westmall in Bukit Batok.

MRT station(s):

None in walking distance till around 2027

Key highlights:

Tengah will hold Singapore’s first car-free town centre, and is built on a car-lite concept. Tengah Garden Walk is also slated to be the site of the first Executive Condominium (EC) in Tengah. 

Other than that, there just isn’t much to say about the area right now. Some of the roads aren’t even built yet, and the URA map indicates mainly proposed amenities. Even more so than Bukit Batok, this is for pioneering buyers, who are happy to wait and let the estate grow around them. 

The situation may be somewhat remedied by 2027, when the Tengah and Hong Kah MRT stations are up. 


We mostly maintain what we said during the November BTO launch of Tengah. At the time we said Tengah prices are high, in exchange for the inconvenience and inaccessibility you’d face. This seems likely to be the case again, if the prices for Bukit Batok – also a non-mature estate – hold close to 2017 numbers. 

This is for patient buyers who are confident in the transformative power of our urban planning; or for buyers who purposely want a peaceful, out-of-the-way location with a rural feel.

3. Kallang – Whampoa (FEB 2021 HDB BTO Launch)

Kallang feb 2021 bto hdb

Last known BTO prices:

The last BTO launch in Kallang – Whampoa was in May 2019

Flat type Price exc. grants Price inc. grants
2-room (40-year lease)  From $117,000 From $95,000
3-room From $387,000 From $367,000
4-room From $562,000 From $557,000

Average resale flat prices in Kallang-Whampoa:

Kallang Whampoa hdb prices

2-room flats are not presented as transaction volumes have been too low.

The latest average price of 3-room flats is $332,675.

The latest average price of 4-room flats is $556,769.

Nearby schools:

  • Bendemeer Primary and Secondary School (within 1km)
  • Hong Wen Primary School (within 1km)
  • Farrer Park Primary School
  • St. Andrew’s Junior School
  • St. Joseph’s Institution (Junior)
  • St. Margaret’s Primary School
  • Stamford Primary School

Nearby Malls:

Bendemeer Shopping Centre is located next to Boon Keng MRT station (see below). City Square Mall is about eight to 10 minutes’ walk, while Mustafa Centre is about 12 to 15 minutes’ walk.

MRT station(s):

Boon Keng MRT station (about five to six minutes’ walk)

Farrer Park MRT station (about 10 to 12 minutes’ walk)

Key highlights:

The immediate appeal will come from proximity to Boon Keng MRT station. With the station just being around five to six minutes away – and only 620 units available – oversubscription is a foregone conclusion. 

The appeal is further enhanced by the proximity of Mustafa Centre. While it is a bit of a walk, we probably don’t need to explain the benefits of having a 24-hour mall in striking distance of your home. 

Note that Bendemeer Shopping Centre, the closest retail amenity, is more of a collection of small shops with some eateries than a full-blown mall. 

All in, this will be one of the most convenient and desirable launch sites; and one that has significant rental potential once the Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) is up.


Get it if you can, but don’t have your hopes up – at 620 units, your chances are likely to be slim. Those who do land a flat in this area are likely to see gains right after MOP; it’s not often that you find a new, city-fringe region flat that’s also a short walk from the MRT. 

Prices have been on the high side, as you can see above, and are likely to be even higher now; but you get what you pay for.

It’s a little unfortunate that there aren’t any 5-room options.

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4. Toa Payoh (Bidadari) (FEB 2021 HDB BTO Launch)

Bidadari feb 2021 bto hdb

Last known BTO prices:

The last BTO launch in Toa Payoh (Bidadari) was in November 2020

Flat type Price exc. grants Price inc. grants
3-room  From $324,000 From $264,000
4-room From $466,000 From $421,000
5-room From $627,000 From $597,000

Average resale flat prices in Toa Payoh:

Toa Payoh hdb prices

The latest average price of 3-room flats is $274,893.

The latest average price of 4-room flats is $649,364

The latest average price of 5-room flats is $808,178*

*The last average price given was actually $650,000 in October 2020, but this is not reliable as there were only two transactions that month. We have used the average from September instead, when there were at least five resale 5-room flat transactions.

Nearby schools:

  • Maris Stella High School, Primary & Secondary (within 1 km)
  • Cedar Primary School (within 1 km)
  • Bartley Secondary School
  • Cedar Girls’ Secondary School
  • Stamford American International School

Nearby Malls:

There is no immediate mall nearby. However, The Woodleigh Residences, an integrated development, will be completed around 2022. This will include about 161,640 sq. ft. of retail space.

MRT station(s):

Bartley MRT station (about eight to 10 minutes’ walk)

Woodleigh MRT station (about 12 to 15 minutes’ walk)

Key highlights:

There are actually two launch sites for Toa Payoh, which are located across from each other. The first site, along Bartley Walk, is about eight to 10 minutes from Bartley MRT station. The second site, along Upper Aljunied, is closer to Woodleigh MRT station (about 12 to 15 minutes’ walk). 

Toa Payoh has long been a hotspot, as it’s both a mature estate, and relatively close to the city centre (about 10 minutes’ drive to Orchard Road via the CTE). Its allure is now strengthened by the upcoming Woodleigh Residences and its attached mall, as this will resolve an immediate problem in the area: the lack of nearby retail and eateries. Previously the inhabitants here would head to surrounding areas for the malls, such as Serangoon NEX. 

Another highlight is the under-development Alkaff Lake and Bidadari Park. The park area will provide room for family picnics, nature trails, bike trails, etc. This sort of outdoor greenery is quite hard to find, in mature city-fringe locations. 

A final, notable bonus is the proximity of Maris Stella school and Cedar Primary School. Students living here will be across the road or right next to their schools; they have the advantage of being able to sleep in a little more, and there’s no need for the school bus.


While there are almost twice as many units compared to Kallang – Whampoa, we expect Bidadari to be oversubscribed anyway. The proximity to the city centre, along with nearby schools and an upcoming mall, make this arguably the best location on the list. 

Do expect a lot of competition for these sites, though.

With the resale flat market is roaring right now, it may be worth considering cheaper BTO options even with the construction time.

Buyers who are eager to upgrade often prefer resale units, as there’s no construction time; you’d be able to sell right after MOP. However, BTO flats in mature locations – such as Kallang and Bidadari – should give them pause.

While BTO flats do mean waiting another three to five years for construction, they might present better potential for gains. Any resale flats purchased in mature estates are likely to be at a high premium (see the prices above), and this should be considered when choosing between BTO or resale. 

If you are looking at a resale HDB too, here are the latest median resale prices:

HDB median resale prices 2020

Disclaimer: The prices here are based on actual transactions, so the difference in age of the HDB developments in an estate can result in the distortion of prices here. E.g. Queenstown 5-room flats are only $8,000 more than a 4-room flat, but this is because most of the 5-room flats transacted in November were for older flats.

In the meantime, you can follow us on Stacked for more updates as the situation unfolds, and our later follow-up on the May 2021 launch sites. We also provide full, in-depth analyses of both old and new developments, in the Singapore private property market. 

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