Home Away From Home: Why Serviced Residences?

Given the unpredictable conditions around the world at present, new arrivals to Singapore may be justifiably hesitant to immediately sign a three-year lease — or to take the even more serious step of purchasing a home. For relocating individuals and families in this situation, the wisest decision could be to move into a serviced residence.

With the flexibility that this avenue provides, you can have peace of mind knowing that should circumstances change, all is not lost. It also allows the individual or family to explore Singapore’s different neighbourhoods, figuring out which is best for them, before deciding where to put down roots.

3BR at Orchard Scotts Residences
The stylish living room of a three-bedroom serviced residence at Orchard Scotts Residences.

Even for those confidently settling in Singapore, moving into a serviced residence upon arrival offers an opportunity to live comfortably while searching for a permanent home. The alternative, staying in a potentially cramped and expensive hotel room, could push them to decide too quickly and sign a lease on a home that isn’t perfect for their needs.


“When I first came to Singapore to work for a major bank, I lived in a serviced apartment for several months,” said Mr James Daye, an expatriate from New Zealand who has now been based in Singapore for more than a decade. “Being a young, single guy back then, I valued the fact that the property was really comfortable, and that all the furnishings and services I needed were provided for. It was simple to settle in.”

Mr Daye explained: “The property was regularly cleaned and I loved that there was breakfast if I needed it, plus a kitchen if I wanted to cook for myself. My family from Auckland could come and stay with me and for them, it was like a holiday home. It was great.”

Pool at Far East Plaza residences
Resort-style facilities at Far East Plaza Residences make any stay a pleasure.

As Mr Daye pointed out, a quality serviced residence, like those in the portfolio of Far East Hospitality, gives guests the space of an apartment coupled with all the pros of a hotel.

Far East Hospitality’s serviced residences have won numerous awards for quality. Village Residence Robertson Quay, Oasia Residence Singapore, Village Residence West Coast, Regency House, Orchard Parksuites, Village Residence Hougang, Far East Plaza Residences, Orchard Scotts Residences and Village Residence Clarke Quay were all awarded the TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards 2021, with each maintaining stellar ratings on TripAdvisor for warm hospitality.

People coming to Singapore for short-term assignments, meanwhile, will discover that a serviced residence offers all the comforts and space they’re used to at home, at a great value comparable to that of a hotel. They’ll also find the locations of Far East Hospitality’s properties attractive, situated near business, innovation and industrial hubs, including the Central Business District, one-north and Seletar.

For animal lovers, pets are generally welcome at Far East Hospitality’s Serviced Residences, too. This isn’t necessarily the case at all serviced residences, so pet owners should check the pet-friendliness of any prospective property before making a decision.

Regency House serviced apartment living room
Far East Hospitality’s serviced residences (such as Regency House, pictured here) are located conveniently to many of Singapore’s prime business and industrial districts, including the CBD, Orchard Road retail area, and the tech hubs of one-north and Seletar.


It’s not just those arriving in Singapore who may find serviced residences appealing. For local residents, a serviced residence can be a valuable resource when waiting for your Build-To-Order flat to be ready or when renovating a property. It can also serve as a short-term abode after selling your home and waiting for work to be completed on the next. In addition, it can provide shelter when mishaps strike, as Ms Jolynn Lee discovered.

Along with her husband and three kids, Ms Lee lives in a four-bedroom cluster house near Bukit Timah. “We had a huge storm a few years ago that caused flooding and a major electrical fault,” she recalled. “The strata management informed us that the damage would take a couple of weeks to fix and that power would be disrupted. Obviously, we had to find alternative accommodations.”

According to Ms Lee, moving into a serviced residence while the family home was undergoing repairs was the ideal solution. “The serviced residence was a similar size to our home so we didn’t feel cooped up, like we might have at a hotel,” she explained. “And because of the residence’s facilities, it felt like we were on vacation.”

Orchard Scotts Residences
At serviced apartments like Orchard Scotts Residences, guests enjoy far greater space than a hotel might provide, while experiencing all the warm hospitality they could wish for.

It’s not just emergencies that can make a temporary move desirable. For younger people living with family, renting a serviced residence can give them the space and privacy they need while working from home is the default.

Then, when a return to the office is possible, it’s simpler to relinquish a serviced residence, which isn’t the case with a leased property that may have a longer commitment period and inflexible cancellation policies.

For the silver generation, there are benefits to renting a serviced residence, which can be an efficient way to keep expenses low. Utilities are covered, so there is no need to worry whenever there is an increase in electricity or water tariffs. Maintenance of the apartment is factored in, on top of housekeeping services, technical assistance and complimentary use of the facilities in the property.


Far East Hospitality’s portfolio of nine serviced residences offers accommodations in choice locations at affordable rates, with apartments of varying sizes and layouts, suited to the needs of families, couples or singles.

Stylishly decorated with excellent service, Far East Hospitality Serviced Residences are in some of Singapore’s most sought-after neighbourhoods, such as buzzy Clarke Quay, expat-friendly Robertson Quay, the exclusive Orchard Road shopping district, and near the tech innovation and start-ups hub of one-north and Seletar.

Lounge at Oasia Residence
While serviced residences provide plenty of room to move, there is also the option to utilise public areas such as this guest lounge at Oasia Residence.

Depending upon the property chosen, a serviced residence can be booked for as short as a minimum stay of six nights. Far East Hospitality also has properties known as Residence with Services, that specifically caters for long stays with a minimum stay period of 3 months.

It’s all about ensuring you’re free to react to circumstances. With the situation today rapidly changing, Far East Hospitality’s Serviced Residences give you the flexibility and convenience to move with the times, all the while enjoying the warm hospitality for which these properties are justly renowned.

Check out Far East Hospitality’s portfolio of serviced residences. For more information, contact the team at Far East Hospitality’s website or email your enquiries to sales.sr@fareast.com.sg.

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