COVID-Relief Initiative: Free Webinars by PropertyGuru Academy

There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our daily lives in a very significant way, however one thing doesn’t change, as the PropertyGuru team remains committed to stand united with our agent partners.  

Whether you’re an essential worker who still heads out to fight the battle, or you’re staying home to help flatten the curve – all of us are experiencing a shift in our lives as we know it.  

As you stay home during this challenging time to protect yourself and your loved ones, we want to offer you accessible resources so that you can stay on top of the game and be ready to bounce back into action anytime.  

Adding on to our COVID-19 Relief Initiative for agents and COVID-10 Relief Initiative: Circuit Break Edition, PropertyGuru Academy is delighted to roll-out a Special Edition Webinar Series to provide greater support to you. 

These webinars are:  

  • Available to you completely free-of-charge 
  • Approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour   
  • Accessible via desktop or mobile   

Here’s a look at some upcoming webinars you can check out:  

Stockpile Your Prospects by Using These 3 PropertyGuru Features

Further maximise your investment in PropertyGuru by discovering these 3 features that can help you generate prospects and better position yourself as an expert in property.  

3 Must-use Tech Tools for Agents in Time of Social Distancing

The world is becoming increasingly digital, and even more so in this current situation. Find out what ready tools are available for you in these times of social distancing – so that you can bring your leads closer to you. 

Get Noticed with 5 Listing Tips

With approximately 100,000 other listings – how can you make sure yours stand out? Discover 5 listing tips backed up by our industry expertise and research, so that you can gain that edge and have your listings noticed by property seekers.  

What Property Seekers are Looking at During COVID-19

Now as property seekers are more engaged online, it’s time for you to position yourself to them. Understand what they’re looking out for, so you know which listings to invest more resources on and start stockpiling your prospects. 

Generating Leads and Income in an Uncertain Market through Home Financing 

Discover the formula behind becoming a trusted adviser to property seekers, through home finances that could result in opportunities for lead generation and relationship building. 


Claim your spot for any of the upcoming webinars at PropertyGuru Academy now! 

In the meantime, you can also check out our specially curated resource for helpful tipsexpert insights and advice in Agent News.  

#StayHome and stay safe. We can overcome this. 

-PropertyGuru Team  

#GuruCares #SGunited #PGStandByYou 

Check out your COVID-19 Resource Guide to see the relief measures, latest webinars and articles available to you! 

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