Diving into TopGear-Level Leadership

After a decade of service in the Naval Diving Unit, Justin Kwek dove head-first into a whole other career. Jumping out of the waters and into the real estate sector since March 2013; Justin changed more than his own career.

He isn’t one to boast very much, but after some probing – we found out that Justin’s track record was filled with career promotions, recognitions and awards. And all of this are testament to the success through coaching culture.

A Cohesive Environment for Everyone

“Building a cohesive environment where everyone has access to anyone for coaching.”
– Justin Kwek, PropNex

If you spent any amount of time talking to Justin, it quickly becomes obvious how much emphasis he has on building and keeping a cohesive environment for everyone in his division.

Describing an inclusive, supportive and accessible culture, the Justin Kwek Division gives free access to all their associates to reach out to anyone in the division for coaching, help, advice or even partnership.

No Associate Left Behind

“We want to level-up everyone, so everyone will be an asset.”
– Justin Kwek, PropNex

Because of such a cohesive environment, the associates in the Justin Kwek Division are able to grow together as individuals and professionals.

In contrast with the common belief that real estate is a lonely career, Justin’s division actually invests tonnes of resources into fostering friendship and encouraging partnership.

Through this, anyone can help anyone, and everyone will succeed together.

Focusing on T.O.P.’s Huge (but Hidden) Potential

Whilst many other real estate professionals choose to work on selling new launches, Justin expertly identified T.O.P. opportunities years ago since March 2013.

With his own experience in the T.O.P. of a hugely popular private condominium in Singapore, Justin gave birth to ‘TopGear’.

“TopGear is a set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that targets a condo that is going to TOP soon.”
– Justin Kwek, PropNex

Find out more about TopGear here.

Winning with TopGear

Showcasing his intellect, foresight (and a dash of humour) – Justin’s pride and joy is his self and team-developed ‘TopGear’.

TopGear was actually a play of words with the common property acronym T.O.P. (Temporary Occupation Permit). Did you get a sense of his humourous wit there?

Whilst TopGear had proven time and time again of its ability to bring in success, the real magic behind it all is because it’s a collection and consolidation of everyone’s learning and fine-tuning.

“This further evolves TopGear into a comprehensive system across the residential sectors of New Launch, Resale, Private condo and HDB.”
– Justin Kwek, PropNex

Through TopGear, Justin and his team truly made a name for themselves in the rental market in Singapore. You can check out their expert tips shared in our article on 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Renting a Home and What You Can Do!


PropertyGuru would like to thank Justin and his team for their partnership with us, and for doing this feature as well! You can find out more details about the Justin Kwek Division here.

Till next time!

– PropertyGuru Team

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