Standing by You through COVID-19

Dear Agent Partners,

We hope this note finds you healthy and safe with your family and loved ones. This has been a very challenging start to 2020 for everyone.  

As the world comes together to fight COVID-19, it is clear that the economy and our lives will be heavily impacted. No doubt, these developments concern you. We want to help.  

As a homegrown company and your partner of 13 years, we will support and stand united with you as we triumph over this outbreak, together with the rest of Singapore.  

In that spirit, we have put together a suite of relief initiatives. These are available immediately and will last until 30th June 2020. Because the COVID-19 situation changes so rapidly, we will track closely whether these measures provide the relief we hope they do. Be assured that we will continue to evaluate further solutions and are ready to give you the best support we can into the future.  

Measures to provide savings to new and existing agents:  

1. 50% Price Reduction for New Agents 

All first-time agent partner subscribers will enjoy 50% off your Advance Package. You can find out more details about our agent packages here or contact our team of Account Managers. 

2. Additional 5% Discount for Renewing Agents 

On top of existing renewal offers, agent partners with an upcoming account renewal (Apr 2020 onwards) will receive an additional 5% discount when you renew your account at the same tier, a month ahead of your account expiry. Please reach out to our team via email or call us at +65 6572 9296 for details of your full entitlements.  

3. Ad Credits Required for Listings Activities is Fixed at a Lower Amount 

During this time, we want to eliminate as much uncertainty as possible for you. As such, we will be locking down Optimus and fixing the amount of Ad Credits needed to repost, Boost and Spotlight  for all listings. For the majority of listings, the amount of Ad Credits has been set at a lowest since the start of 2020.  

For further details on these measures, please refer to FAQs. 

Further helpful options available to you: 

Additional Income through PropertyGuru Finance 

At a time like this, an added revenue stream could be helpful to you. PropertyGuru Finance Home Loan Referral Programme is designed to do exactly that. Through the Programme, you can refer your clients that are looking for a new home loan or that could save money from refinancing an existing mortgage. We will serve these clients with priority and ensure you receive 100% of bank commission upon loan approval. Think of us as your personal home loan assistant that does all the loan-legwork for you. Get in touch with us to learn more by sending us a WhatsApp message or email. 

Interest-free Instalment Plans Available for Any Purchases  

To help with managing your cash flow, 0% interest instalment plans for any purchase with us above S$500 is available for you through OCBC and UOB banks. Remember to take advantage of this payment option. 

Keeping You Safe with Hand Sanitizers  

We understand it’s important for you to meet with multiple people on a daily basis across Singapore. We want you to be able to do that in the safest way possible, so we bought hand sanitizers for you; available while stocks last. If you’d like to get one, please reach out to your PropertyGuru Account Manager.   

We are here with you. We are SG United. 

– PropertyGuru Team 

Check out your COVID-19 Resource Guide to see the relief measures, latest webinars and articles available to you! 

Sign up for your free webinar sessions available on PropertyGuru Academy 

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