Top 3 Mortgage Needs You Must Address As An Agent (If You Want to Close Deals)

You’re almost at the finish line of your deal and on the verge of getting your hard-earned commission fee. After all the investments, marketing, and viewings of the listing, you’ve finally reached the mortgage and financing phase of the deal with your client.

This phase is often the most daunting and uncertain part of any deal. There’s just so much research, coordination, and negotiations with financial institutions to be done. And even after that there’s the “waiting and hoping” period for a notification that the loan was successfully secured.

But why is there so much work you need to do to get through this phase?

Well, a lot of it boils down to the top 3 mortgage needs your client has. They are:

#1: Getting Familiar with Mortgage Solutions

Here’s a few questions they don’t teach us in school: What is SIBOR? Or what are the pros and cons of getting a fixed rate mortgage?

You can refer your clients to a banker who can help them with the answers. But most property seekers would prefer to do their own research before doing so. This can be challenging – rates change on an almost daily basis, not to mention the many “insider tips and tricks” that the layman will not be aware of.

And on your end, keeping up with the rate changes and updating your clients can be tedious. The good news is that you can simply ask your clients to visit PropertyGuru Finance. There they will find all the latest rates on new home loans and refinancing, so they will have a clearer idea of what is out there when they come back to you.

#2: Choosing a Home Loan Solution That’s Suitable and Available to Them 

With well over a hundred home loan packages available at any one time, many clients face the “paradox of choice” – being paralysed by having too many choices. According to our Consumer Sentiment Study H2 2020, a third of our respondents listed “too many choices” as their main barrier to applying for a bank loan.

They may look to you to narrow it down for them. But this still leaves you with the task of determining which loan packages will both suit them and be available to them.

Doing this properly requires deeply understanding your clients’ financial lives, and this can get pretty tricky or even uncomfortable for some. Many clients are also extra careful about what they reveal, something you can’t blame them for, especially when you consider that a mere 0.3% difference in interest rates for a S$500,000 mortgage can equate to over S$25,000 extra in interest payments alone.
Here, our Mortgage Affordability Calculator can help both you and your clients save and narrow down their options by letting them know exactly how much in home loans they can afford.

#3: Getting All that Paperwork Down 

Even after your clients have chosen their desired home loan package, there is still a tonne of paperwork they must submit to the banks to secure their loan. They may enlist your help in this, which is not only tedious but will end up taking up valuable time you could be using to work on your other deals. 

And if they choose the DIY route, they may find it confusing and end up taking too long, which may cause them to lose the loan – and your commission along with it. Our survey supports this, with 1 in 5 Singaporeans citing long processing times and lack of easy status checks as major barriers to their home loan applications.

One reason for such delays could be the lack of awareness about ‘Approvals in Principle’ (AIPs). Our survey revealed that almost a third of Singaporeans don’t know what an AIP is, and less than half of respondents apply for one. This is despite believing that getting an AIP would give them greater confidence in their home search, faster approval, and knowledge as to which banks are willing to give them a larger loan.

Of course, applying for an AIP also requires lots of tedious paperwork – and here again your clients might turn to you for help or risk messing up the application if they do it themselves.

But here’s the good news we want to share with you today. ALL these mortgage needs your client has is 100% addressable – and best of all, you can do it in a super easy manner that even allows you to earn bonus Ad Credits on top of your commissions.

Introducing PropertyGuru Finance’s Home Loan Referral Programme

This programme is specifically designed to help our Agent Partners “outsource” all their clients’ mortgage needs – without losing out on any commissions.

Here’s what referring your clients to the programme can do for you.

A. We’ll Handle All Your Clients’ Enquiries 

Let our trusty team of advisors be the ones to answer all your clients’ questions and allay their concerns. You should just focus on bringing success to your other listings.

B. We’ll Matchmake Your Clients with the Best Loans Possible 

Thanks to our strategic ties with the banks, we can select the best and most suitable mortgage solutions for your clients. We will also assign you a Personal Home Loan Assistant, who will be dedicated to understanding your clients’ unique financing needs. Your client will be in good hands.

C. We’ll Guide Them Through all the Paperwork 

Leave all the tedious paperwork and admin to your trusty Personal Home Loan Assistant. They will handle all the coordination and follow-ups with your clients. You’ll also get timely status updates through the entire process – all part of the personalised service we provide.

All you need to do is refer your client to PropertyGuru Finance for their home loan solutions and you can speed all the way to the finish line with no roadblocks. 

Best part of it all, you’ll enjoy even better rewards through us! 

On top of the referral commission you rightfully earn, you will also receive bonus Ad Credits – which you can use to promote your other listings and create even more success. 

You can find out more about PropertyGuru Finance’s referral programme for agents by visiting here or by contacting your very own Personal Home Loan Assistant now!

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