Where would Spider-Man live in Singapore?

The hectic lifestyle and towering skyscrapers aspects of Singapore make it somewhat similar to New York. As Spider-Man: Far From Home is currently in cinemas, it got us thinking: where would Spider-Man live if he was in Singapore? Image credit: Reddit

With its high property prices, hectic lifestyle, and high population density, Singapore is known to be a tough and expensive place to live. Most work extra long hours to pay rent, bills, and to make ends meet.

But, it’s also a fascinating place full of stunning skyscrapers and diverse cultures, traits that make it similar to another city: New York City, the home of everyone’s favourite web-slinger, Spider-Man.

Like New York, the busy lifestyle and stunning skyscrapers aspects make Singapore a perfect fit for Spider-Man, an everyday person struggling to find the balance between his work and life, as well as his responsibilities as a superhero.

So, with Spider-Man: Far From Home currently in cinemas, it got us thinking: where would Spider-Man live if he was in Singapore?

1. V on Shenton

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Most superheroes prefer to live somewhere that’s shielded from the public eye, or in a private property that doesn’t ignite a lot of attention (swinging in-and-out of a low-rise building with a lot of people around isn’t exactly the best idea).

For this reason, we think V on Shenton is ideal for Peter Parker in many ways; it’s located right in the middle of the CBD, which is great for Spider-Man because the city’s density allows him to easily swing from top to bottom of the CBD.

The building’s towering height not only offers him an unrivalled view of Marina Bay, but the height also allows him to overlook the city and avoid public attention.

The condo’s incredibly spacious design means he can swap in-and-out of his costume without worrying about knocking things over, and it also gives him lots of privacy and space to hide his secret lair for his nifty gadgets, just like Green Goblin’s penthouse in Spider-Man 1.

And after a long day’s work of fighting baddies, Spider-Man can recuperate and retreat at the condo’s splendid facilities. The swimming pool, spa pool and aqua gym are located on the same floor, providing him with an uninterrupted view of the sea.

2. Forest Hills

One of the best moments in Captain America: Civil War is the “Queens”, “Brooklyn” exchange scene between Captain America and Spider-Man during the climatic airport battle.

In that scene, we also got to know that Spidey lives in the humble borough of Queens, New York.

But which part of Queens? According to this map, Spider-Man’s address is 20 Ingram St. in Forest Hills, a residential neighbourhood in Queens.

Obviously, the address only exists in comic books. But Forest Hills is indeed an actual neighbourhood within Queens. Rather coincidentally, Singapore also has its own Forest Hills condo.

Unsurprisingly, the only similarity that both share is the name. But if Spidey’s missing home, then perhaps a place with the same name may help to ease some of the homesickness.

3. Seaside Residences


In Spider-Man: Far From Home, Peter Parker and his friends head to Europe for a school trip to places like Venice, Prague, and London.

While he won’t find ancient chapels, centuries-old Venetian architecture, or surreal lavender fields in Singapore, living in Seaside Residences means he can wake up to a magnificent sea view in one of Singapore’s most sought-after districts: The East Coast.

Like Queens, the East Coast is known as a colourful neighbourhood full of heritage and delicious local food and is also a popular area among expats.

The units at Seaside Residences are also well-thought-out and extremely spacious, and come equipped with features like rain showers, air-conditioning, and built-in wardrobes.

4. The Garden Residences

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Spider-Man and awesome gizmos are like two peas in a pod, so the smart home features of The Garden Residences is the sweet spot between functionality and style.

The units come integrated with smart features including smart air-con, smart locks, keyless letterboxes, and water heater control, which are all features that Spider-Man will appreciate, especially if he can set the tone of his home before he arrives home.

The Garden Residences is also located in one of the best neighbourhoods in Singapore, so if he has some time to kill, he can saunter down the streets of Serangoon Gardens with that infamous, over-the-top dance move in Spider-Man 3.

Probably one of the best scenes in the history of film. Via GIPHY

5. Parc Botannia

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Spider-Man has gone through various reinterpretations in the films, and each has had its own big moments, stories, and character exploits.

Some, like the elevated train scene in Spider-Man 2, left us feeling inspired, while others — like the ridiculous dance scene mentioned above — gave us plenty to laugh at. But Spider-Man’s character arc wouldn’t be complete without struggle and grief.

He’s had to deal with the losses of Uncle Ben and Gwen Stacy, as well as his divorce from Mary Jane in Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse.

One way Spider-Man can deal with his grief, is to live in a tranquil place so he has time to heal.

Parc Botannia in Fernvale Road is removed from the central areas in Singapore, ensuring that he’s free from the chatter of people. The area also offers some naturalistic wonders like parks and wetlands, so he has plenty of retreating options.

The nature-inspired units are designed to maximise available spaces, characterised by smart layouts and high ceilings to increase the depth of the house (and also he can do his iconic upside down hanging pose).

6. Rivière

Traditionally, Spider-Man is known to be more of a lone wolf, but in the Marvel films, he’s now part of The Avengers. So it only means he has more dough in his pockets.

Rivière is an exclusive, private enclave located right at the quieter end of Robertson Quay and has the hallmarks of where an elite Avenger should reside. It offers 1- to 4-bedroom options, and is the very definition of a luxury lifestyle.

With up to 2,002 sq ft of space, not only does he have ample space for all his superhero lifestyle, but he can convert some of the space into an R&D lab for his latest spidey tech!

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