At One with Nature: A Family’s Move to a Maisonette in Pasir Ris

Anyone who has competed in a triathlon will tell you that it is challenging but so rewarding once you eventually cross the finish line. 

For Scott Larsen, 38, the sport has given him rewards far greater than he could ever imagine. Scott competed professionally in triathlons all across the globe. But sadly, his professional career was cut short at the age of 24 because of a health issue.  

But it was on his travels during his career that he first stepped onto our sunny shores in 2001. Scott, who was born and raised in New Zealand, remembers loving Singapore – especially the food. 

“I’m a big food lover, and I liked trying all of the exotic food,” he recalls.

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Seven years later, he moved to Singapore to start a triathlon company, but now runs his own business Nuzest, which sells plant-based protein powder, multivitamin bars and drinks.  

It was also through the sport that he met his Singaporean wife Sharon. As he was no longer able to compete in triathlons, Scott decided to coach. Meanwhile, Sharon, 43, was determined to tick ‘Complete a Triathlon’ off her bucket list and signed up for lessons. The rest is history. 

Following their marriage in 2016, Scott, Sharon and their daughter Emily, moved into an apartment at Bayshore Park. 

While the new family loved their rented home and the community in the condominium, Scott and Sharon felt the time was right to purchase their own home.

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The Happiness Scale

From the onset, Scott and Sharon knew what they wanted. Being close to nature was vital. As the switch to public housing meant they would no longer enjoy access to facilities they were used to, the family wanted to stay close to a swimming pool. Also, as Emily was about to start her primary school education, it was important for Scott and Sharon that reputable schools were close by.

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These factors were at the top of their ‘Happiness Scale’ – things in and around their home that would make them happy. 

Of lower priority on their ‘Happiness Scale’ was the price. They were willing to pay more for a home that had what they wanted. This meant a place that was relatively quiet. 

Scott proudly says, “When you’re in our house, I think you can’t hear any cars!”

By jumping onto PropertyGuru, the Larsens did their research and found “specific areas that had all the amenities to suit the lifestyle they wanted”.

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With a few locations in mind, the couple used PropertyGuru to limit their search to maisonettes, five-room HDB flats and executive condominiums.

After browsing through the listed options, the family started visiting houses. And when they stepped into their current abode, all it took was 30 minutes for them to decide on purchasing the place they now call home – a three-bedroom maisonette in Pasir Ris. 

“We were standing in the car park downstairs, and we called the agent to make the offer.” recounts Scott.

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A Natural Fit

The couple are spoilt for choice when it comes to surrounding facilities. They are walking distance to Downtown East, where the family has an annual membership to Wild Wild Wet. There is also an Anytime Fitness gym, where Scott works out. On top of this there are plenty of eateries in the nearby White Sands Mall.

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The family also love that staying in Pasir Ris is “as close to nature as one can expect anywhere in Singapore”. In one direction, there’s Tampines Eco Green. In the other direction, there is Pasir Ris Park, where there are multiple trails, a Mangrove Boardwalk, and a beach. Slightly further out, there is Coney Island. 

Besides the location, it was love at first sight for Scott and Sharon when they stepped into their home as the place had a minimalist design and was in excellent condition. Once they moved in, the kitchen required some work but the rest of the house looked good as new with a fresh coat of paint.

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“This particular house was not the cheapest that we saw, but it checked more of our criteria boxes than any other home we looked at. So it was a very easy decision in the end,” says Scott.

While the family of three is more than happy in their home, the biggest gripe sits with six year-old Emily.

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“She was really dismayed that there were no monkey bars at the playground downstairs. It’s something she still misses till today, so we might put monkey bars across the ceiling of her room.”


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