4 Thoughtfully (and Tastefully) Designed Residences that are Perfect for Families

Whether you have a small or large family, there are essential home features you just can’t live without.

Choosing an ideal home to raise a family can be exciting, but considerations such as the residence’s location, size, design, and amenities may make it daunting. As you take all of these factors into account, remember that choosing the perfect home is akin to adopting another family member. And knowing what home features your household needs eases the search in finding your dream home.

Combing through the list of award-winning projects from the Asia Property Awards 2020, we’ve shortlisted four family-friendly new residences that are as functional as they are fancy. 


The Woodleigh Residences — Flexible living spaces and Japanese craftsmanship

4 Thoughtfully (and Tastefully) Designed Residences that are Perfect for Families1

Regardless of size, traditional Japanese house designs favor privacy, protection from outdoor elements, plenty of natural light, and smart use of space. While a typical two- or four-bedroom apartment in the Woodleigh Residences (Winner, Best Integrated Development) may not be as spacious as the average stone-walled house in Kyoto, developers Kajima Development Pte. Ltd. and Singapore Press Holdings Ltd integrated the Japanese design principle of utilising spaces for multiple uses into its Central residential development. 

The city-fringe property, situated in the sought after Toa Payoh area, is all about masterful design touches. With collapsible walls, a small room can easily transforms into a bigger space. Tiny nooks in kitchens and bathrooms are creatively maximised for use as storage, ensuring no space goes to waste. And true to its Japanese-inspired touches, the residence even features an onsen-style pool.

Minimal transition between indoors and outdoors is also a hallmark of Japanese residential design — a house’s main premises and a sprawling garden may be merely separated by a narrow stone walkway. This design philosophy is subtly incorporated into the property’s raised balcony deck that levels with the living room floor. And as you step onto the balcony, you’re afforded charming views of Bidadari Park and Alkaff Lake. 

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Forett at Bukit Timah in Bukit Timah — Lush greenery and scenery

4 Thoughtfully (and Tastefully) Designed Residences that are Perfect for Families2

What better way to raise a family than to live near a naturally preserved environment like the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, a century-old natural reserve home to a rich collection of diverse animal, plant, and insect life. However, a residence that is centrally located yet near a well-preserved natural environment can be difficult to find. 

Forett at Bukit Timah in Bukit Timah (Winner, Winner, Best Private Condo Development) by Qingjian Perennial (Bukit Timah) Pte Ltd (Winner, Best Residential Developer) is, in that regard, a precious find. Green spaces are a main feature in the Bukit Timah district and the aforementioned park reserve is ideal ground for families to appreciate nature in the form of unspoiled reservoirs, evergreen shrubs, streams, and natural pools.

Living in the-soon-to-rise Toh Tuck Road development also comes with creature comforts for homebodies. These conveniences include a modern karaoke and theatrette room, a fully equipped gym within the courtyard, a chill-out lounge, a Teppanyaki Sky Lounge, and a barbecue pavilion. Kids and adults can spend warm summer days splashing at different pools, including a lap pool, kids pool, and an infinity pool.

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Luxus Hills Contemporary Collection — Classically designed but with modern elements

4 Thoughtfully (and Tastefully) Designed Residences that are Perfect for Families3

For some large clans, nothing could be more important than having huge spaces where everyone can spread out. Although there are plenty of high-rise residences with spacious apartments, the allure of a landed home may simply prove more attractive. Bukit Sembawang Estates Limited’s (Winner, Best Landed Developer) Luxus Hills Contemporary Collection (Winner, Best Landed Housing Development) suits families that value vast spaces, modifiable living and working rooms, and private gardens above all. 

The Luxus Hill View property is quintessentially family-friendly. Houses feature classical designs but are infused with unique and modern elements. This is evident in the development’s 3-Generation Concept Terraces feature, which allows residents to transform what would typically be living rooms or bedrooms into work or play hubs. Furthering its appeal for families is multi-room cross ventilation, allowing for the cool breeze and natural light to freely flow within. Its close proximity to reputable schools like CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls School, Catholic High, Ai Tong School, and Nanyang Polytechnic, to name a few, is also advantageous. 

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Clavon —  Amenities conducive to celebrations

4 Thoughtfully (and Tastefully) Designed Residences that are Perfect for Families4

Wedding anniversaries, graduations, and birthdays are just some of the many milestones families can celebrate. Those that prefer to hold such occasions from the comfort of their home can do so within a stunning residence like Clavon (Winner, Best Private Condo Landscape Architectural Design). Prize-winning developer UOL Group Limited’s (Winner, Special Recognition for ESG, Special Recognition in Sustainable Construction, Special Recognition for Building Communities) development is chock full of resort-style amenities perfect for spending leisure time within the safe confines of their residence. 

The property’s numerous pavilions are thoughtfully designed to accommodate gatherings, parties, or a fun cookout. Changes in lifestyle preferences, and health and safety concerns may also compel people to spend more leisure time indoors instead of spending it in public places. To that end, the clubhouse’s music room, karaoke room, and games room are conducive to entertaining guests for an impromptu night in.

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