You can get a 5-room or executive HDB resale flat for S$650k or less, even in the city fringe. Here are our picks. 

HDB resale flats may seem less affordable these days, with prices reaching an all-time high in September this year.

We also keep hearing about million-dollar flats, with the most expensive flat sold so far being a 5-room DBSS flat fetching a whopping S$1.295 million.

But that doesn’t mean affordable flats are no longer on the market. In fact, the million-dollar flats are just outliers. For instance, these flats account for just 0.9% of last month’s resale transactions.

So if you’re looking for more space, we’ve picked out some 5-room and executive HDB flats that are S$650k and below for you to check out. These aren’t just in the more ulu locations like Simei and Choa Chu Kang, or located far from the MRT. We’ve found a few in the city fringe too.

(Disclaimer: These listings are still available at the time of writing. But they’re most likely sold, or the agent may have taken down the ad if the listing is no longer available.) 


5-room HDB resale flat in Simei Road

157 Simei Road 5 room flat

Price: S$600,000

Floor area: 1,313 sq ft

Price psf: S$456.97

This resale flat may be located on a low floor, but unlike most 5-room flats, this flat has four bedrooms. It’s also conveniently located just a seven-minute walk from Upper Changi MRT and a 15-minute walk from Eastpoint Mall.

Plus, SUTD is just within 10 minutes walking distance, potentially providing some rental opportunities.

Executive HDB in Bedok Reservoir Road

142 Bedok Reservoir Road executive flat

Price: S$500,000
Floor area: 904 sq ft

Price psf: S$553.10

If you’re thinking of moving in quickly, this unit might just be the one for you as it’s fully furnished. Another good thing is that it’s close to various amenities, such as Bedok Reservoir Market and Food Centre (five-minute walk) and Kaki Bukit MRT (seven-minute walk).

For those who love nature, Bedok Reservoir is around 15 minutes away by bus.


5-room HDB resale flat in Admiralty Drive

5 room unit at 467B Admiralty Drive

Price: S$510,000

Floor area: 1,270 sq ft

Price psf: S$401.57

If you don’t like the cookie-cutter layout that most flats here have, check this one out. Also known as the fan-shaped floor plan, it’s probably the most unconventional floor plan HDB has ever put out for their flats.

467B Admiralty Drive floor plan

Layout aside, the unit is around a 15-minute walk from Sembawang MRT and Sun Plaza. A little further away is the Sembawang Hot Spring Park at around a 22-minute bus ride. And for those with kids, Canberra Primary is just a three-minute walk away.

Executive HDB resale flat in Sembawang Drive

415 Sembawang Drive Executive flat

Price: S$549,000

Floor area: 1,398 sq ft

Price sq ft: S$392.70

This Executive HDB flat is a corner unit that comes with three bedrooms and a study. Compared to the previous unit, this one is closer to the MRT and mall at 10 minutes walk away.

There are also five primary schools within 1km of the flat, including Canberra Primary, Endeavour Primary and Wellington Primary.


5-room HDB resale flat in Rivervale Drive

123 Rivervale Drive

Price: S$568,888

Floor area: 1,238 sq ft

Price psf: S$459,52

This 5-room unit is located on a high floor. Aside from its location in Sengkang, it’s pretty conveniently located as well. Rivervale Plaza is just across the road, and Kangkar LRT is around a four-minute walk.

And with five primary schools within the 1km radius, it’s also suitable for those with young children. The nearest primary school, North Spring Primary, is within a five-minute walk.

5-room HDB resale flat in Compassvale Road 

257A Compassvale Road

Price: S$600,000

Floor area: 1,184 sq ft

Price psf: S$506.76

Not only is this unit on a high floor, but it’s also a corner unit. On top of that, there are various amenities within walking distance.

For starters, you can reach Sengkang MRT, Compass One and Sengkang Bus Interchange in just two minutes. Sengkang General Hospital is within seven minutes walking distance, if you need comprehensive healthcare needs. What’s more, there are eight primary schools within 1km of the block, so there’s a lot of primary school options to choose from.


5-room HDB resale flat in Keat Hong Link

817B Keat Hong Link

Price: S$650,000

Floor area: 1,205 sq ft

Price psf: S$539.42

This unit is the newest resale flat on this list. As it just hit the TOP in 2017, it has the longest remaining lease compared to other resale flats on this list.

Amenities wise, the nearest MRT is Keat Hong LRT at seven minutes walk away. Blk 253 Choa Chu Kang Market and Food Centre is a little further away, at around 10 minutes away on foot.

5-room HDB resale flat in Jurong West Street 24

5 room unit at 272C Jurong West Street 24

Price: S$575,000

Floor area: 1,209 sq ft

Price psf: S$475.60

If you don’t mind living in the westernmost of Singapore, you might want to consider this 5-room resale flat. It’s another corner unit on this list that’s on a high floor. Plus, Sheng Shiong is just across the street.

It’s not exactly accessible currently, since you need to take a 15-minute bus ride to get to the nearest MRT — Boon Lay MRT. But you can expect public transport access to improve here in the future with the new Jurong Region Line. Opening in 2027, both Bahar Junction MRT and Jurong West MRT will be within an 11-minute walk from the block.


Executive HDB resale flat in Jalan Rumah Tinggi

37 Jalan Rumah Tinggi executive flat

Price: S$630,000

Floor area: 1,141 sq ft

Price psf: S$552.15

Contrary to popular belief, you can still find affordable resale flats in the city fringe. But the downside is that these flats are pretty old.

If you don’t mind going for an older resale flat, here’s an executive flat in Queenstown with four bedrooms. But note that it’s one of the oldest ones on the market, as the lease started in 1969.

As you would expect in a mature estate, the area is brimming with various amenities, with IKEA just five minutes walk away, and Anchorpoint and Dawson Place 10 minutes walk away. And Queenstown MRT is around 11 minutes walking distance.

5-room HDB resale flat in Geylang Bahru 

53 Geylang Bahru 5 room flat

Price: S$630,000

Floor area: 1,313 sq ft

Price psf: S$479.82

Here’s another option if you want a flat in the city fringe, and don’t mind the age of the flat. The lease for this 5-room unit started in 1974, so it has a remaining lease of 52 years old.

The good thing is that it’s just seven minutes away from Geylang Bahru MRT, as well as Geylang Bahru Market and Food Centre. Plus, there are other MRT lines in the vicinity, such as North East Line via Boon Keng MRT and North South Line via Toa Payoh MRT.

Would you get a 5-room resale flat or an executive flat? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Facebook post.

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Frequently asked questions

How big is a 5-room flat?

These days, 5-room flats are around 110 sqm, or 1,184 sq ft. The living/dining area is more spacious than the one in a 4-room flat.

How many rooms does a 5-room flat have?

5-room flats come with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, just like 4-room flats. However, 5-room flats has an extra space that can be converted into a study.

How big is an executive flat?

Executive flats are around 130 sqm, or 1,399 sq ft. They come with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

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