6 Sustainable Residences in Singapore for Families Going Green

People in Singapore are becoming more concerned about living sustainably, manifested by practices such as refusing excessive packaging, giving up plastic straws and recycling. The COVID- 19 pandemic only served to highlight the impact of environmentally unsustainable lifestyles. Interestingly, the pandemic resulted in one positive outcome: reduced carbon dioxide emissions resulting from fewer economic activity.

Nevertheless, climate change remains a pressing concern. And as the pandemic has upended lives, one clear negative impact is homes generating more waste than usual due to many businesses’ shifting towards remote work.

In making significant positive changes to the environment, individuals and corporations recognise the need to do more. For one, families finding a new home may commit to eco-friendly living by considering residences with green features. 

Here’s how modern residential developments are becoming more sustainable, as well as six PropertyGuru Singapore Property Award-winning projects to consider. 


Incorporating recycled materials

Climate change impacts the different stages of a construction project, which is why developers have been seeking ways to mitigate its effects. One of these ways is to use recycled materials. 

1. Wallich Residence 

sustainable condo_wallich residence

In building Wallich Residence (Winner, Special Recognition in Sustainable Design), developer GuocoLand used recycled concrete and steel, crucial in reducing dust, noise and carbon emissions inherent in any construction project. 

The residential property, located on top of the mixed-use Guoco Tower, is designed to facilitate natural ventilation, while all the wood used in the building are Forest Stewardship Council-certified. It is a great option for families looking for a residence with luxurious amenities, diverse dining options, hotel-like concierge services and environmentally sustainable designs.

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Deploying energy-efficient systems

2. Pullman Residences, Newton

sustainable condo_Pullman Residences

Developer EL Development (Horizon) Pte Ltd had luxury and sustainability in mind in developing Pullman Residences, Newton (Winner, Best Luxury Condo Development). Aside from the prominent use of sustainable products like recycled concrete, energy-efficient functions heavily feature in the Dunearn Road development.

The project’s pre-assembled prefabricated bathroom units reduce the required manpower required in a typical on-site installation, thereby decreasing noise and air pollution in the construction site. The development’s power economising features include eco-friendly ventilation systems and energy-efficient elevator technologies. 

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3. Wilshire Residences

sustainable condo_Wilshire Residences

Similarly, Tong Eng Group & Roxy Pacific Holdings deploy energy-efficient lift systems for Wilshire Residences, its 12-storey condo development that will offer views of lush Botanic Gardens and quaint Dempsey Hill. The Best Private Condo Development-winning property has a climate-controlled façade allowing for interiors to receive lesser solar heat gain. That means less energy needed to cool otherwise warm spaces. 

Besides that, units are designed with windows facing the prevailing wind to facilitate natural ventilation, while common areas have sub-water metres installed to prevent possible leakages.

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Rainwater harvesting and other green home features

Rainwater harvesting is a water conservation technique that serves a variety of purposes, including reducing soil erosion, preventing urban flooding and more. 

4. Luxus Hills Contemporary Collection 

sustainable condo_Luxus Hills Contemporary Collection

For its Luxus Hills Contemporary Collection property (Winner, Best Housing Development), developer Bukit Sembawang Estates Limited incorporated rainwater harvesting systems in all units to make watering plants much more efficient. 

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5. Parkwood Collection 

sustainable condo_Parkwood Collection

Water management systems that optimize water resources are also a key feature in Fantasia (Park) Pte Ltd’s elegant Parkwood Collection (Winner, Best Strata Housing Development). The Central district development is a fine choice for families that want a stylish home decked out in designer appliances, surrounded by lush foliage and built with ecologically sound construction practices. 

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6. Verticus 

sustainable condo_ Verticus

Soilbuild Group Holdings (Winner, Special Recognition in Sustainable Construction) promotes biodiversity in its 28-storey development, Verticus (Winner, Special Recognition in Sustainable Construction). 

The developer executes green-inspired ideas with its “Garden of Sanctuary” concept for Verticus units — all earthy hued interiors evoking innate feelings of cosiness and warmth amid a heritage-rich district. The property’s facilities are designed using natural materials, whilst its theme gardens are home to various plant species.

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The group’s Solaris @ Tai Seng (Winner, Best Green Development) property, meanwhile, is a Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC)-certified commercial development that takes sustainability seriously. It is architecturally bold and green-oriented down to the last design detail. Its units are constructed using SGBC-accredited materials, have digital power metres that monitor and optimise power usage, and have solar panels and rainwater harvesting technologies installed. 


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