8 things to look out for when moving into a new apartment

Before you pick up the keys to your new home, check out these simple moving tips. 

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So, you’re moving into a new apartment. Exciting times lie ahead as you decorate and furnish your new home and turn it into the abode of your dreams.

Here are some tips for a smooth, easy move into your new home.

Look out for deals when purchasing furniture and appliances

Furnishing your new home can cost a pretty penny, so it pays to look out for deals before you buy a unit. Some retail stores offer special offers for bulk purchases. If you’re moving into a newly-built property along with a large group of other new residents, that’s the perfect chance to get everyone together to buy in bulk. Setting up a Facebook group for new residents is one way to coordinate your purchases so everyone can save money. Another option is to attend fairs for furniture, appliances and electronics, where you can often enjoy big discounts.

Book a home moving service early

Moving from one home to another does not need to be stressful if you engage professional movers. They can help wrap and dismantle bulky furniture items, load them into the truck and then transport and deposit them in your new apartment. It’s a good idea to book your moving services early so you can compare prices and ensure you are able to find a mover on your preferred date.

Set up your SP Services account for all your household utilities

It goes without saying that you’ll need water, electricity and gas services to power up your new home. Set up your SP Services account ahead of time for a fuss-free move.

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Sign up for internet and TV services

In this day and age, internet services are a necessity. You will want to sign up for a broadband plan ahead of time, so you can connect to Wi-Fi once you move in. If you intend to buy a TV, you will also want to sign up for TV services. The local telcos offer broadband and TV bundles that you can compare to find the most cost-effective one.

Arrange for cleaning of your new apartment

It’s a lot easier to clean an apartment when it is still empty than when it has been furnished. So, arrange for cleaning of your apartment ahead of your move-in date. Choose between hiring a professional cleaner, getting friends and family to help out or doing it alone.

Inspect the apartment for defects

If you’re moving into a BTO flat or brand new condo development, you’ll have one year to identify any defects and notify the developer or HDB, who will then have to rectify the problem at no cost to you. So, make sure you inspect the apartment for any cracks, leaks or other issues, and keep an eye out for defects in the coming year.

Reserve parking spaces

If you have a car, you will need to arrange for parking on or near the property. For HDB flat residents, it is advisable to apply for season parking as early as possible if you are living in a popular area, as parking lots are often in short supply. For condo residents, parking lots might be allocated on a first come, first served basis, so check with your building management as early as possible.

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